168: Centurion T210 Attitude & RPM Gauges


Here are two more gauges for the Centurion T210.     Will stop updating the remainings for a moment.   It’s quite exhausting.

Subscribers of this blog can send me a request for the download link via the COMMENTS section below.


32 thoughts on “168: Centurion T210 Attitude & RPM Gauges

  1. Hi Mario and Tom

    Happy New Year. I hoped one of you might be able to help me out with a little request please….

    I’m trying to recreate a PA44 Piper Seminole in FSX for IFR training purposes. I stared with ‘fsxpipsm’ PA44 by Rien Cornelissen and have for the most part replicated the PA44 to be used (ZK-MBV). The only thing I can find/configure is a ‘twin needle’ RPM gauge. None of the other a/c in my FSX installation seem to have one and I can’t find one on-line! I’m also looking for a dual needle ADF.

    Would you mind me requesting a copy of your ‘twin / dual needle’ RPM gauge plesae? Any help will be gratefully received. I’ve no idea where to even start creating one from scratch.

    Many thanks for any help.


    1. Hi Glen,
      Happy New Year. For the moment, I have created gauges for single engine aircrafts only. I don’t have any gauges for dual engine.
      Do search on the internet. I remember I saw some dual needle gauges somewhere.


  2. Hello Tom,
    Please I would like you to also send the following gauges :
    Centurion T210 Attitude & RPM
    Thank you for your work Tom


  3. Please send me your Attitude, Vertical Speed, RPM and other any new gauges. They look great. Is it possible for me to post a picture of my cockpit? I’m running 10 FIP and your older gauges look terrific on my set up.


    1. No probblem and it’s been sent. Perhaps opening a section showing setup of subscribers isn’t a bad idea. Yes, please send over your cockpit photo and I’ll see what I can do.


      1. Yes, seems like a year, not sure though. Your post’s on the T210 prompted me to put my system back together and purchase the T210. I really enjoy it again, believe I still need the Airspeed Indicator if you would.

        Thanks again for your dedication and time.
        Rick S.


  4. Thanks. Great work there. Works great in my setup. I just added two more FIPs – 8 total now and I added the BIP.

    The next time you get bored and want to create a new gauge – how about a combo Manifold Pressure and RPM? You might even want to make dual needles just in case you decide to upgrade to one of the Twin Cessnas one day.



    1. I can help Tom here Ray, I got one for Turbo Prop single and double and it has 9 gauges plus landing gear and trim indicator on one FIP gauge.
      Nice looking too!!



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