165: Centurion T210 Vertical Speed Gauge

Just purchased my last two (well, seven in total, so far) Saitek Flight Instrument Panels (FIPs) to complete my flight system.  To make them look more realistic and appealing for my favorite Centurion T210, I am working on to revise all gauges accordingly.

The image on the left is the new Vertical Speed Indicator I have just made after the last revised Airspeed Gauge.   Of course, it can be used on similar aircrafts, too.

Subscribers of this blog are welcome to post a request in the COMMENTS section below to get the download link for it.

Here’s also the preview screenshot of the Attitude Gauge to be completed very soon.


12 thoughts on “165: Centurion T210 Vertical Speed Gauge

  1. Hello Tom,
    Please I would like you to send me the following gauges: T210 Centurion Vertical speed pour FIP saitek.
    I currently use your Airspeed gauge which is very good.
    Thank you for your gauges.


  2. Hi Tom,
    Will do, I just got the Centurion T210, it’s a very nice plane, fast and lots of power. I think with the hardware I got it would be really nice with my MIP. Keep up the good work!!!!


    1. Yes, it is. The T210 is my favorite. By the way, I have come up with another version of the Vertical Speed indicator. Just use the same download link I sent you to get it. Have fun. Tom


  3. Hi Tom, I was reading somewhere in a forum on performance with the FIP’s it was suggested to plug 3 together on a USB 3 hub and of course only 6 per PC. It seems that the FIP itself was quicker with a lot less lag. I’m also planning for around 11 or 12 myself for my cockpit, 6 basic 3 for navigation(VOR1,VOR2,ADF) and 2 for Engine and RPM, this would complete my setup.


    1. Hi Mario,
      Yes, I am using Carenado’s T210 as my default aircraft and that’s why I am working the gauges and livery for it. I have all my 7 FIPs plugged into a powered-USB hub. So far so good and don’t see any performance lag.
      Thank’s for sending over the photos of your working setup. Very nice. Keep me posted and updated.


  4. Tom, how many FIP ‘s have you now installed as I lost track :)
    I’m currently having 6 but considering to get few more to complete my cockpit
    Could tells us how you have this all wired up. Maybe write a post on it ?
    I’m afriad my current setup is getting a bit too old to run all those Saitek goodies even using two machines and additional devices will kill performance.


    1. Hi Hans. I am having seven FIPs. Click on Saitek FIPs from the Hardware Menu will give me all my previous posts about FIPs. I’ll do my best to post a screen shot of the wiring later. Tom


  5. Tom, again great work. loving it. Please mail me copy.

    Please note: got a 404 msg while linking from newsletter to get to this post. Managed via alt path.


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