News: Trained to be a Combat Pilot

It surely sounds like a cliché, but I did dream to be a fighter pilot like many other kids.   Forget about the heroic thing, just the name of it thrilled my little heart.  Although as usual it remains a child’s dream,  my enthusiasm on FSX no doubt is a true reflection of it.

Recently, my long-forgotten fantasy towards fighter pilot was resumed by the just released Combat Pilot developed by ThunderHawk Studios of Mad Catz.

According to the game’s description, Combat Pilot is built on the FSX environment and uses a proprietary multiplayer engine with dedicated servers to implement realistic on-line interactive combat experiences among virtual pilots via features such as A.I. controlled ATC, fully integrated weapons suite, custom UHF communications, etc.

The most exciting part to me is that this flightsim product provides players with various aircraft and weapon trainings during the course of their pilot careers from cadets to officers.

Although all these joys come with a premium, it is still worth spending some times looking at these fantastic features on the game’s website whether you once dreamt to be a fighter pilot or not.