162: FlyZone Switcher Summing Up & Simplified

It’s really a relief that the FlyZone Switcher first version has been finally released and completed as planned even though there are still many rooms for improvement.

For example, there are subscribers reported that the pre-assigned 14 FlyZones are too many for them.   Some said that they don’t use Orbx’s addons.   So those FTX regions are meaningless.

Also, there are comments saying that the preparation and verification processes for the FlyZone Switcher are far too complicated and tedious.

For the first two feedbacks, it is probably true since the first version is generally simplified from what I am using, which is highly customized according to my own system configuration.   So it is what it is.

But for the third comment, my suggestion is: Take It or Leave It !

I mentioned many times that the FlyZone approach is somewhat restructuring the whole FSX system.    It is therefore necessary to go thru specific preparation and verification steps to ensure that every change made is correct.

Do note that the preparation steps are basically a process of creating backups for critical FSX files.   So by the time the system is properly configured, not only the performance of FSX but also the security and safety of core FSX files and settings are significantly enhanced.

In the next version, I will automate some of the steps to make the preparation process simpler.   It will also detect whether Orbx’s addons are installed.   Moreover, it will allow self-defining of FlyZone names.

As always, I need time to implement these features to the next version.   However, following is a simplified version that I customized for Paul who requested it earlier.

It contains only 5 FlyZones:

  1. N. America All (FTX) — NAA
  2. UK — UKG
  3. All Europe  — EUR
  4. Oceania  — OCA
  5. Rest of World (Default)  — DEF

Any subscribers, including current FlyZone users, could notify me in the COMMENTS section below if they are interested in this simplified Switcher.

BUT DO NOTE THAT, especially to new users, all preparation steps described in Post 155 to 159 are still mandatory in order to use this simplified Switcher version properly.    The good thing is, you can minimize the creation of scenery.CFG and fsx.CFG base files to just 5 from the original 14 FlyZones.

BTW, images for all FlyZones in the Image Folder are replaceable.

31 thoughts on “162: FlyZone Switcher Summing Up & Simplified

  1. Thanks for your input, so i start now my preparations and hopefully its possible to get later on your switcher tool.
    Have a good time


    1. Hi Jerome,
      As mentioned in my post, I am gathering feedbacks from the first batch of users so that I can further improve the utility. For other subscribers who want a copy of it may have to wait for awhile. However, you can still work out the preparation processes so that you can immediately make use of the Switcher once available again. Note that the preparations won’t affect your current setup and the playing of FSX.


  2. Hi Tom,
    I tested now your switcher for 3 weeks on a german WINDOWS 7 / 64 platform.
    there is a problem in the dll-*.xml files:
    when I prepare them with in the second line, none of the following addons like fsuipc or others are active in FSX.
    When I remove , the addons are present in FSX.

    Is it a german script problem ?



    1. Hi Heiner,
      I have no idea and no other FlyZone Switcher users report similar problem to me.
      Have you verified if the correct dll file is loaded for the region you switch? And is the FSUPIC module included in every dll file you have?
      What do you mean by “When I remove , the addons are present in FSX” ?
      I don’t think it’s the language that causes the issue. Can you send me your dll-*.xml files?


  3. Hi Tom,
    now that I have much time and a new CPU installed, I’m ready to try your Flyzone Switcher. I still need to follow all the preparation process to get my FSX ready, but in the meantime could you please send me a link to donwload the *.exe file. As I said, I still have to prepare my FSX to use the Flyzone Switcher (maybe this WE or next one) but I’ll hope it will help my FSX to run a little bit faster at start and at loading a flight as I have a lot of scenery entry in my FSX.
    As I can read that are differens versions of the Flyzone switcher. I just wanna let you know that I’m an Orbx scenry user, then the “full” version of the Flyzone switcher will be appreciated.
    By the way, I promote your blog over our website aka http://www.pilote-virtuel.com (French FS Simulator Enthousiast).



    1. Hi Fabien,
      Glad to hear that you got a new CPU. These days I am planning to get a new computer with IvyBridge as well. Still planning and looking for the right spec and hardware, however.
      Thanks for promoting my blog. I don’t read French at all. But fortunately there is Google translator.
      Ok, the full version has been sent to you. But again, do follow my instruction carefully. Tom


  4. Hello Tom

    Congratulation! I managed to make walk FlyZone Switcher and to make do open FSX. I am now going to adapt him(it) to what I want. Question: instead of having UK, I shall want to have FRANCE. How do I have to take myself there?

    With my sincere and friendly thanks for your work and your generosity to share your passion.
    Marc Roujansky


    1. Hi Marc, Glad to hear that you have succesfully installed the FlyZone switcher. Do you mean you want FRANCE to replace the UK area? And you are using the full version?


      1. Hello Tom

        Yes, it is good it! I to replace UKG by FRANCE, or even to be able to have European sub-zones (UKG, the Chaine ALPES mountain , Naval aviation, etc.).

        Best Regards,


      2. Hi Marc, I can rename the UK area to France for you — subzones are not possible for now. The FlyZone code (UKG) will remain the same, however, as it is the quickest and easiest to meet your need.
        Again, are you using the full version or the simplified version of the Switcher?


      3. Hello Tom

        I Using the simplified version of the Switcher.

        With my sincere and friendly thanks for your work.



      4. Hi Marc, the customized version has been sent to your mailbox. Instead of replacing the UK & Ireland region, I added the France region (EU1) to the Switcher. Have fun. Tom


  5. Hi Tom:
    Returned to FSX I would be agree test your FlyZone Switcher. I know there are alot of pre-config. Dont worry. Let me test it with my positive feedback.
    Agree again:


  6. Hi Tom,

    Could you post me a link to the Flyzone Switcher (full version) and the latest Shade Switcher please. The Flyzone switcher is something I’ve long thought about doing myself and I already do something similar through a combination of Orbx’s FSX Go, command scripts for autogen and other config specific files plus a scenery management program which lets me organise custom scenery.cfg files. As you can imagine I’m very familiar with the file and folder structures involved and shouldn’t have any problems following the preparation instructions. This really is a useful utility you have developed and very generous of you to share it.

    Many thanks,
    Rob W


    1. Yes, that should be easier for you as you have done similar preparation to your system. Have sent you the link by email.
      BTW, what scenery management program are you using? I tried a few but none of them was great.


  7. Hello Tom,

    I am as Paul, I do not use all ORBX, and that is why I am going to try to see what it domme with the demo PNW of ORBX. Otherwise I shall wait for FlyZone Switcher n°2.

    Best Regards,
    Marc Roujansky


    1. Hi Marc, sent you the simplified version as well. It should save a little bit of your preparation time.
      Actually, even for the planned update version, you are still required to go thru quite some preparation steps as this version.


  8. Hello Tom! I have just read the message 162, and I wanted to congratulate you on your work, and to thank you for your very big kindness for helping the other passionate persons of Flight Simulator.

    I did not have time to make the stages of preparation, but I think I can make him soon.

    When you will have made improved FlyZone Switcher, it will be with a lot of gratitude that I wish that you will announce me it.

    I wish you good continuation and full of pleasure around Flight Simulator.

    Best Regards
    Marc Roujansky


  9. Hi Tom,
    I am ready now for a try…but am still missing the actual product. Could I have a link to download the Fly Zone Switcher please.



  10. Yes I would definitely love to try the simplified Switcher. All my scenery addons are either orbx North America or Oceania or aerosoft and a few smaller scn makers that would fit in to the simplified version.

    Thanks Mike


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