160: Airspeed Gauge for Centurion T210

Carenado’s Centurion T210 is my favorite airplane which I have made it the default one for most of my free flights.

The FIP image on the right is the new airspeed gauge I just created to replace my last FIP meter for Cessna 172.

When time allows, will further customize a few more gauges for the plane.

Any subscribers who are interested to get a copy of this gauge could post their requests in the COMMENTS section below.


20 thoughts on “160: Airspeed Gauge for Centurion T210

  1. Tom, I would like to have this guage. Also could you provide (maybe an artical) informaion on how you make these guages so we can develope some of our own? Thank you.


    1. Hi Bill, Jay and Dieter, the gauge has been sent to you by email.
      And Bill, regarding your question about writing a post for FIP gauges, let me think about it.
      Actually, you could find a lot of info from Saitek’s Forum as well.


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