To All Subscribers

Have been receiving quite some questions about not getting the download link for the utilities I wrote.   I replied this question to individuals directly in the past.

Along with the release of the FlyZone Switcher, I think it is better for me to post my recent reply to Dustin (and a few others) who just asked the same question again why it is so:

…  I once sent out the first version of my ShadeShifter to all subscribers.    However, … some people were not keen and many expressed not happy to get emails like this.

So from that moment on, I ONLY send the download link of my utility to those people (subscribers of my blog only) who specifically show interests and request for it.

This is the practice I am taking for my blog — If you are interested in something I create, send me a request.

Also, you MUST BE A SUBSCRIBER to this blog.

I take this as a basic mutual respect.    And I make this statement clear in many of my posts.

I definite spend a lot of time (and money) keeping this blog running, not to mention the efforts I put on designing, programming and testing the utilities I share them for free.

So, please don’t feel bothered by just sending me a request for something that may bring you extra fun in FSX.

For those who are interested to get a copy of the new FlyZone Switcher,  it will take a while because I would like to get some feedbacks from the first round of users first.    But it shouldn’t take long.

Moreover, don’t stop notifying me of your interest by sending me a comment post.

20 thoughts on “To All Subscribers

  1. Hello Tom. I read all of your posts and find them very informative. I found subscribing to be a bit confusing so I am hoping I have done it correctly. I would like to receive your T210 FIP altimeter please. It is much clearer than the Saitek default altimeter.

    I have 7 FIP’s and a 3 monitor setup with a high end motherboard, CPU, and graphics card (GTX780) and also using Orbx scenery. My frame rates are around 15-20 fps. I too am trying to get them up to 30 fps. I am going to order another GTX780 hoping that will take the load off a bit but I am not too optimistic. Part of the reason for a second GTX780 is that I have acquired a 7″ monitor that I am going to use to display the GPS and use a number keyboard to control the GPS.

    The plane that I use is a Mooney Bravo which is the same plane I fly in real life. I use FSX as a training aid.

    Thanks again for your hard work.

    Bill Ard


    1. Hi Bill,
      You didn’t subscribe FSX Times successfully. I see you have a WordPress account. So you have to log out from your WordPress account first. Then come to my blog and you will see the empty space for you to type in your email address to subscribe FSX Times. Please do it again since my system will automatically trash all other types of subscription to avoid spams.
      Anyway, I have sent you the T210 gauge by email.
      Regarding your intention of getting a second 780 card, do note that both FSX and P3D don’t gain advantage from SLI setting. Perhaps you have seen my post 255 and 262 regarding that. If you are just using it for the GPS, perhaps you could try a cheaper one. It would be better you could borrow one for testing before you make the decision.


  2. Hi Tom,

    I have spent almost the entire day reading pages and pages of your blog – I cannot believe I have not stumbled across this already.

    I am very familiar with the tweaking of FSX configs and trying to push as much performance and quality out of FSX. I have a very dated computer that struggles with a lot of the tweaks people suggest. So later when I get home from work I will be looking into the great amount of posts and tweaks to see if they work for me.

    I would also like to try out your ‘FlyZone Switcher’ either the full or slim down version would be good – I currently use Generation X for UK and FTX for America, New Zealand and Australia – so this tool looks ideal for my setup. So would it be possible you could please send me the link/application etc? I will be running through the prep steps later.

    I have subscribed to your blog because it looks very active and useful to me with a low end PC.

    Thank you for all the hard work you have put into your tweaks and mods – I appreciate this takes time and a hell load of effort. So cheers for that!

    Keep up the great work buddy!!


      1. Hi Jim, Sorry for late response as I was away from my computer the last few days. Based your scenery setup, I believe the simplified version is a better fit, unless you want the full version. I will sent you the link in a few minutes. Maybe it’s already in your mailbx while you are reading this reply.
        Have fun and let me know how it performs on your system.


      2. Cheers for that I will have a go at it and see – I will use the simplified first and then if need be I will email you for the full in future.

        Thanks for your time – no problem about the late reply; I appreciate all what you have done already mate :)

        Take Care,


      3. Hi Tom, I managed to get yours working but would find it hard to update sceneries when I buy more etc – so I have created my own batch file using your ideas and stuff – hope you don’t mind? I will not sell it and any mentions of it I will make sure I mention FSX Times :)


  3. Hi Tom
    I have only just come across FSX Times and am delighted to find your blog re your FlyZone Switcher. I have had a break from flightsim whilst moving back to UK from NZ and have had ot get a new rig as my old computer died.
    Now beginning the huge task of rebuilding my FS World scenery!
    I used to manually create and switch zone in a manner akin to yours but without any batch file or “front end”
    So I would love to give your switcher a try if I am not too late as it seems an ideal time as I am setting up from scratch.


    1. Hi Mike,
      It’s never too late to go to the Switcher Approach. The FlyZone Switcher has been sent to you by email.
      I bet you know the principle how I set up the FlyZone since you are taking similar setting before.
      So far, no error reported back to me. BUT STILL, DO FOLLOW my instructions in Post 156 to 159 carefully.
      Have fun with it while you are rebuilding your FS World — and the setting up of the FlyZones should keep you busy for a few more weeks. ;)


  4. what about adding new sceneries ? Will the specified scenery-XXX.cfg be updated automatically or have I to do manually ?


    1. Hi Heiner,
      If you install new sceneries to a specific FlyZone, you have to manually add the new entries back to the corresponding scenery-xxx.cfg file.
      I leave this “manual feature” on purpose to allow testing of different setups. This also prevents accidental overwriting current files.
      It might be the cause to the problem you mentioned in your last comment regarding the issue in XML.


  5. found a problem in the switcher :
    when I add another program to XML.DLL ( for example COUATL from fsdreamteam ) you get the error, that your identificatio-line has not compatible charakters ( ) Si I cannot install the program GSX.


    1. Hi Heiner,
      I don’t have the addon you mentioned. But there shouldn’t be any incompatibility issue since we just “remove” those entries that are not used in a particular FlyZone. For example in the XML.DLL for Orbx NA area, Aerosoft’s VistaMare Core is removed because it will not be used. Similarly, we remove Orbx’s ObjectFlow entries from XML.DLL for non-FTX’s FlyZones because they are not required.
      For the COUATL from fsdreamteam you mentioned, it should be for one of the non-FTX FlyZones.
      Have you gone thru the verification process to check all regions you customized are correctly correlated? If XML.DLL, fsx.CFG, scenery.CFG and autogens files are not correlated, problem will occur. This is important and I mentioned many times. Do check your preparation steps again.


  6. Good Day tom,

    I’m a bit behind, due to an issue with a couple of my meds (a bad interaction).
    I did not see the download link in my emails either.



  7. Tom
    I thank you for your kindness for sending me your utility. I am going to get down to realize quickly all the process to operate the switcher.
    Best Regards Marc Roujansky


    1. You’re welcome, Marc.
      The preparation for the Switcher is time-consuming but really not very complicated. As long as you accustome to the setting up of a few FlyZones, you will find the rest basically the same, and so does the addition of future FlyZones.


  8. I’ld just like to thank you for all the top and hard work you’ve done to give us these utilities Tom! Top stuff!

    Congratulations on your latest utility. Out to try it now!


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