News: FlyZone Switcher Released

To all those subscribers who signed up to request my FlyZone Switcher, the download link has been sent to your mailbox today as promised.

However, you are still required to complete the LAST step-by-step system preparation guide described in Post 159 in order to run the utility properly.

Have fun !


15 thoughts on “News: FlyZone Switcher Released

  1. Tom, is your FlyZone Switcher still off the table. I’d surely could use a copy. I used the zone approach with FS9 because of lots of HD photoscenery, but switching was a hassle with all the cfg files and no bats. I’ve put going to FSX on hold pending availability of your switcher, but it sounds as though it could be a long wait, what with your new commitments. Hope you can help.


    1. Hi Dan,
      Even though I said I would release the FlyZone Switcher again after I further finetune it, I am lately thinking of not giving it away since it is far too complex and require too much time to properly use it.
      Anyway, on this April Fool day, it’s alright to send you the latest FlyZone Switcher (with French region) described in Post 186.
      BUT DO FOLLOW ALL the preparation steps I mentioned in my other posts in order to get this work — I am not fooling you ;).
      Check your mailbox and have fun,


  2. Hi Tom, Is it possible to receive the fly zone switcher please. Not sure why the download link never arrived as i received all the preparation emails.
    Many Thanks


    1. No problem, Wayne. I have put you to the second round of users getting the utility. It shouldn’t take long.
      BTW, prepare your system in advance according to the system preparation guides now so that you can quickly put the utility in work when you get it. Tom


  3. Hi Tom, have receive today the News: FlyZone Switcher Released and the info
    159: FlyZone Switcher Sys Preparation #5 but NO download link?
    Please check that for me, THX!!


  4. I never have a link in my email, how do I receive download links? Seems that I always have to make a comment to get a link?


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