159: FlyZone Switcher Sys Preparation #5

For those subscribers who signed up to request my coming FlyZone Switcher utility, this is the  LAST step-by-step system preparation plus utility installation guide.   Note again that this preparation step (including the previous 4s) is mandatory in order to run my utility properly.

Moreover, by the time you see this post, the FlyZone Switcher utility should be sent to your mailbox already.

Download it first and then follow the instructions below to complete the last part of system preparation for the FlyZone Switcher.

Unzip the package and put the folder into the directory where you want to run the utility.     I just put it in the same drive where my Flight Simulator X is.

Open the FSXDirectory.cfg file.    It contains the locations of all key components for switching FlyZone in FSX.

Edit each line, when necessary, to match the directories in your system.

  • 1st line:  directory of scenery.CFG  (including all scenery files you created in Sys Preparation #3)
  • 2nd line: directory of fsx.CFG (including all fsx config files your created in Sys Preparation #4)
  • 3rd line: directory of FSX
  • 4th line: directory of Orbx’s FTXCentral
  • 5th line: directory where you’ve just put my FlyZone Switcher (FlyZoneX)
  • 6th line: image folder under FlyZoneX directory
  • 7th line: directory of Shade for FSX and where you put my ShadeShifter utility

If you don’t have my ShadeShifter installed, replace the 7th line with NO as shown below:

Ensure all directories are good before proceeding to the next step.

Run FTX Central and switch to Default FSX Region.


Assuming you have completed all the preparations following my guidelines up to here,
to use my FlyZone Switcher now.

TO PLAY SAFE FOR THE FIRST RUN, FOLLOW the instructions in the README FIRST come with the package to verify if you have set up your system correctly.


13 thoughts on “159: FlyZone Switcher Sys Preparation #5

  1. Hello Tom,

    I am new here and recently subscribed.

    I was looking for this concept since long time and after reading your articles, I got a new idea to reduce fsx loading time and memory utilization which is giving me unexpected CTD.

    Currently I am using Scenery Config editor groups to use enable and disable fsx regions but its not giving results as per expectation.

    I can perform system preparation but have no idea to create own programming to use it. I understand your program is not for new users but would be great if you can share some more information so that I can be able to create my own.

    I really appreciate your work and all the best for your next assignments.

    Take care.



    1. Hi Anuj,
      Please read my post 41 to 45, which talk about the concept and implementation of the switcher. The BASIC files I created were trashed, however. Anyway, you can still read the programming I put with the posts.


  2. Thanks Tom,
    I got the FlyZone X Simplified OK. Realised now that I don´t have the Shade shifter. Can I get a link for that one too.

    Cheers Jay


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