158: FlyZone Switcher Sys Preparation #4

For those subscribers who signed up to request my coming FlyZone Switcher utility, this is the 4th step-by-step FSX system preparation guide.    Note again that these preparation steps are mandatory in order to run the utility properly.

Last time we have created 14 scenery configuration files, which load corresponding scenery addons according to the FlyZone selected.   This time we continue to prepare respective fsx.CFG files to work with them.

Compared to the setting up of scenery files, the process of this fsx.CFG file creation is quite simple:

Locate your fsx.CFG file under C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX directory.

Note that the file location of your fsx.CFG may be different from mine.

Firstly, make a backup copy of your fsx.CFG and name it fsx-Original.CFG before proceeding to the following steps.

Last time, when we were creating the scenery files for each FlyZone currently designated by the Switcher, we gave each Zone a unique Code.    We will keep using the same codes for the creation of the fsx.CFG files.

Now, duplicate 14 copies of your fsx.CFG file and rename them as follows according to the table above.


Similarly to the creation of the scenery files, open each newly created fsx configuration file and insert the following text to the end of the first line of each one accordingly, so that they can be identified instantly when opened.    For example, the first line of my fsx-ASA.CFG is shown as follows:

[JOBSCHEDULER]    //  +++ ASIA  (ASA)  +++

Note that the double slash is required to indicate that the texts added are simply remarks so that they will not be processed by the FSX system.

After adding the identity remarks to each file, the next step is to “clean up” the [Trusted] section where airplanes, instruments, airports and scenery addons are installed to the system.    Following is the [Trusted] section of my original fsx.CFG file (probably yours is similar) before divided for FlyZones:

Step 6a)
To customize the listings for various FlyZones, remove all Orbx Australia and North America entries from:

  • fsx-ASA.CFG
  • fsx-NZL.CFG   (there’s no airport addon from Orbx yet)
  • fsx-NAM.CFG
  • fsx-CAM.CFG
  • fsx-SAM.CFG
  • fsx-CSA.CFG
  • fsx-UKG.CFG
  • fsx-ERU.CFG
  • fsx-DEF.CFG

Step 6b)
Remove all Orbx North America entries from:

  • fsx-AUS.CFG
  • fsx-OCA.CFG

Step 6c)
Remove all Orbx Australia entries from:

  • fsx-NAO.CFG
  • fsx-NAA.CFG
  • fsx-ALA.CFG

Modification to the entries (not limited to) below are OPTIONAL.    However, it brings convenience to modify them for specific FlyZones in advance.








Followings are the customized fsx.CFG settings for some of my FlyZones currently used.

You can find more details about them from my Post 135: My Best fsx.CFG Update.    Also, you could search for my older fsx.CFG settings under SETTINGS of SYSTEM on the menu of this blog.   They may be good for your setup or serve as general references.


By the time you complete this preparation step, not only has your system been customized for the FlyZone approach, the safety of your FSX system has also been enhanced as you have already created various backups of  your FSX’s critical files.

Furthermore, as mentioned in the previous post, the FlyZone Switcher can open the current fsx.CFG and scenery.CFG files (copied from corresponding fsx and scenery cfg files) right after switched to a new FlyZone.   So that you can further edit them for testing, finetuning or whatever reasons before loading FSX, without the fear of damaging the originals.

There is one more simple preparation step to go.   I will post it tomorrow or the day after the latest.   Then, those who signed up to get my FlyZone Switcher will soon get a download link so that they can start using it from this weekend.

Once again, all the preparation steps posted are necessary to run the utility properly.   Do re-check the correctness of your preparations and don’t hesitate to ask if you still have questions before I send out the download link.

4 thoughts on “158: FlyZone Switcher Sys Preparation #4

  1. Hello Tom I am with a lot of attention the various phases of your project. Regrettably, life is not a bed of roses, and I did not still have time to make various stages of the FlyZone Switcher. Best Regards, Marc


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