154: FlyZone Switcher Countdown Started

For those who are waiting for the FlyZone Switcher, the good new is I have figured out a way to generalize my current highly customized configuration into a simpler version.

The bad news is I have to rewrite the program from scratch, which  I am targeting to complete within a month or two.   Also, the zones switchable will be minimized to no more than nine Zones for the first version as follows:

  1. Asia
  2. Oceania (Orbx only)
  3. North America (Orbx only)
  4. Rest of America (exclude Orbx)
  5. Europe (exclude UK & Ireland)
  6. UK & Ireland
  7. Rest of World
  8. FSX all Default
  9. ??????

Furthermore, for the initial launch, I will limit its distribution to 10 Subscribers of this blog only, because this approach will still require users to have certain FSX understandings and computer knowledges even though I will handle most of the technical part.

IMPORTANT:  Due to uncertainties of system hardware and software discrepancies and customizations involved, it’s on user’s own risk to take this approach and using the coming FlyZone Switcher utility.

Any one who is interested should notify me via comment to this post and let me know if you have:

  • FS Discover ?
  • Which other Zones you would like to include to this FlyZoneSwitcher ?
  • Other suggestions ?

Soon, I will post a series of step-by-step system preparation guides, which are mandatory to work with the FlyZone Switcher.   The concepts of these instructions are basically the ones described in Configuration Fits for ALL starting from Post 41.

24 thoughts on “154: FlyZone Switcher Countdown Started

  1. Hello, greetings and congratulations for your excellent work, I would like to use your tool in my fsx fly zone Switcher to obviously improve the burden of the flying stage.
    Many thanks and waiting for your stories


    1. Thanks for your interest, Juan. However, the seats available for the first version has filled up. Moreover, only subscribers of my blog are eligible. So do subscribe and I’ll hold a place for you for the next version. Tom


  2. Tom, George from Fiji again?? would like to be a part of the initial roll out. Will the Fly Tampa scenries form part of the scenries within the flyzone switcher. Thanks. The initial setup as how you described is fine and i have not had any issues so far? Will await your further posts. Thanks George


  3. I only found your blog today and I gotta say, there is a lot of great info here Tom. Well done. I have subscribed and am enjoying browsing through the archives! Thanks for sharing your FS knowledge.


  4. Good Day Tom.

    You already know of my interest in the program. This is a fundimental change in getting to fly anywhere, without overloading a machine in the mid range. It wil cerainly allow better detailed scenery and aircraft to bne used. If there are still spots available, I would be greatly appreciative of one of them.



  5. Tom,

    As a beta tester of REX Essentials and privileged Beta tester of Microsoft Flight, as well as being a real world flyer (recreational) with a sound understanding of FSX and now Prepar3d I would like to be involved in the testing and reporting (if required) of this much needed utility. Mate, carry on the good work.


  6. It appears its going to be a nice utility Tom. I cannot be on a seat, if offered, due to being too busy lately. But I will be watching with interest. Thanks for doing this project as well as the 10 subscribers who will assist.


    1. Indeed Graham. I’ve been using this approach for a long time until recently I wrote the Switcher to integrate everything into one single program for my setup. Not only speed, there are many other benefits coming with this approach as well.


  7. Hello Tom! I shall have pleasure to be one of your admirers, because I find what you make is really good! I adhere has your idea, and I wait for the development of the Flying Zone Switcher.

    I play on FSX, and I have no particular suggestions.

    Best regards
    Marc Roujansky


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