News: ShadeShifter V3 Upgrade Patch Sent

The download link of the Upgrade Patch for ShadeShifter V3 has been sent to all CURRENT ShadeShifter users by a separate email.

Installation is pretty simple.   There are 2 old files to be overwritten, and 7 new files to be added to the previous version 2  —  If you have modified or created any files for the previous version, DO BACKUP them first.

1)  Unrar the file attached.

2)  Replace your ShadeShifterV2.exe with the new ShadeShifter.exe.    This filename will be used from now on to simplify future update when available.

3)  Copy all 8 files in attached ShadeShifterSettings folder to your ShadeShifterSettings folder, in which ShadeShifter.cfg will be the second file to be overwritten.

That’s all and enjoy.


55 thoughts on “News: ShadeShifter V3 Upgrade Patch Sent

    1. Hi Tom, my message asking for the V3 is dated from December 3rd, 2012, and I lost this original version during these years when some HD had failed. So, Id like to know about the possibility to send both the V3.1 upgrade patch and the original V3 of your ShadeShifter. I have all your Posts saved in my Outlook since than, but I couldn’t find it! Best regards and thanks for your great job!


      1. Hello Tom, when I click on the ShadeshifterV2.exe, my Norton Antivirus detected the file as virus, is that normal?


  1. Hi Tom, after having to do a reinstall of windows, i lost a lot of my files, please could i have the links to 2.1 and V3 update… many thanks


    1. The download has been sent to you. Yes, my ShadeShifter functions the same as the original Shade for FSX. The preset will be loaded before FSX starts, then unload after it is quitted.


  2. Hi Tom, could you please send me the shade shifter v2 link to download?

    A simple question: if I choose a preset Is it loaded into fsx when it starts and then downloaded when fsx ends? Is there no a function (like in original shade) to select a preset and use every time that preset? I don’t know if you understand me, i hope so.

    Many thanks in advance,


  3. Hi Tom – i finally got around to getting myself copy of Mogwaisoft Shade and was hoping you could provide me with a copy of Shadeshifter (great name by the way). I haven’t received any previous versions so if you could send across details of all the files I’ll need to install that would be great.

    Great website too – there’s always been so much info around, but this is the first one to break the different topics/aspects in to manageable and navigatable chunks. I hope you can keep up the good work :)




    1. Glad to hear that, Danny. The utility has been sent to your mailbox. Install version 2 from the package first and then overwrite some key files from the version 3 upgrade patch. Have fun.


  4. Hi Tom, I am subscribed but did not received the download link for version 3.0 can you please resend the link. Thanks


  5. Hi, I am subscribed but missed the link for version 2. I have the link for the upgrade to V3. Could you resend link for V2 ? Thanks.


    1. Hi Eddy, Are you using Shade for FSX and my ShadeShifter Version 2? The upgrade patch is for ShadeShifter users only. If you do have both the utilities, please let me know and I’ll resend you the link for version 2. Sorry for the confusion.


  6. Tom, I got it. It was in my spam folder. On another note, I have a couple questions. What if I like the Shade default and want to keep that preset? I see the second pop up box asks to load that preset. If I skip the first box to load that days preset, I guess I am not getting anything out of the calendar cycle if I choose to keep shade default? Is the calendar cycle just merely a way to pick another preset. I am confused.


    1. Hi Eric,
      The first box informs you the DayCycle in FSX and offers you a chance to load the preset assigned to that day immediately. It serves to be a kind of randomized feature for loading a preset by itself. This is my favorite. Just click and go, and let the utiltiy to pick a preset for you.

      If you don’t want surprises and just want to run the preset you last used, the second box allows you to do so. For example, you picked “Pink Cream” last time. Then, the second box will ask you if you want to run “Pink Cream” this time. Pressing “OK” will start running FSX with this preset immediately.

      If you skip the first two boxes, the Preset list screen will be shown. You can then choose any Preset you want to load and play.

      It isn’t difficult to understand, is it?


    1. Hi Tim, Are you using Shade for FSX and my ShadeShifter Version 2? The upgrade patch is for ShadeShifter users only. I don’t see you on my mailing list. If you do have the utility, please let me know and I’ll resend you the link. Sorry for the confusion.


      1. Actually I have shade shifter 2.1a but it is not yet installed. I do not have Shade for FSX. Perhaps for now it is best that I keep with what I have which is the FSX with no add ons or FSUIPC. Going to load Acceleration tonight. So know need to send anything until I get back to you. I appreciate your help and look at your posts regularly. Only 120 to go…….. Do you take donations?


      2. I see, Tim. So no rush for version 3 since you don’t have Shade for FSX installed. Until you decide to install it, then ask me for it.
        Do I take donation? The idea came to my mind once but I didn’t really think about it.


  7. Tom, could you send me the link, too? Thanks a lot.

    On the shade topic: I’ve difficulty to figure the results of the several presets. Generally, I use two or three which I know, but having to restart and see the (occasionally disappointing) result for any new situation is a bit disturbing. Do you know if anybody made a series of screenshots of the sereral presets under one an the same standard situation? I know there are color schemes in Shade GUI, but it’s a little hard (at least for me) to figure out the in flightsim results from these thumbnails.

    Kind regards and thanks for all your suggestions and proposals, Michael


    1. Hi Michael, The link has been sent to your mailbox.
      You are right that Shade’s GUI gives users no clue of what a Shade will look like.
      Go to Shade for FSX’s forum or Orbx’s forum, I remember seeing some pictures comparing results of different shades.


  8. Dear Tom,
    I’m a ShadeShifterV2 user and had just successfully downloaded The Version 3 Upgrade Patch. Thank you very much!


  9. I too received the email saying:

    The download link of the Upgrade Patch for ShadeShifter V3 has been sent to all users by email. Installation is pretty simple. There are 2 old files to be overwritten, and 7 new files to be added to the previous version 2 — If you have modified or created any files for the previous version, […]

    but no previous email had been received.


    1. Hi Graham,
      This email was generated by WordPress automatically for the Post I wrote. You should receive another email from me directly with the download link if you are already a ShadeShifter user. Please check your mailbox.


      1. Still nothing Tom – checked all spam & bin boxes. Just to verify you are using grajay [at]


      1. The download link is listed between the IMPORTANT note and my signature. You should be able to download the upgrade patch by clicking on it.


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