News: ShadeShifter V3 Upgrade Patch Sent

The download link of the Upgrade Patch for ShadeShifter V3 has been sent to all CURRENT ShadeShifter users by a separate email.

Installation is pretty simple.   There are 2 old files to be overwritten, and 7 new files to be added to the previous version 2  —  If you have modified or created any files for the previous version, DO BACKUP them first.

1)  Unrar the file attached.

2)  Replace your ShadeShifterV2.exe with the new ShadeShifter.exe.    This filename will be used from now on to simplify future update when available.

3)  Copy all 8 files in attached ShadeShifterSettings folder to your ShadeShifterSettings folder, in which ShadeShifter.cfg will be the second file to be overwritten.

That’s all and enjoy.