152: Downgrade to Radeon Version 11

Besides the latest OpenGL issue with TrackIR, Radeon’s 12.x driver has been giving me a subjective impression that FSX micro-stutters a little bit more than its predecessors.   This is even more significant after upgrading my system with Orbx’s latest patches.

Busy work is the excuse that keeps me using this version.   Since I am a bit free this weekend, I downgraded the video driver to 11.12 to verify my subjectivity a fuss or not.

Bingo!  My impression is right that the older video driver does perform better.

Anyone who has the same suspicion could give the older version a shot since Radeon’s driver updates normally won’t bring new features or direct improvement to FSX.

Our continuous update actions are purely a reflection of hope that the new one would give us a surprise.   This time obviously is the opposite.

If possible, do consider to follow the video driver installation procedures in Post 37 for a clean one.


2 thoughts on “152: Downgrade to Radeon Version 11

  1. Hey Buddy,
    I am testing the newest 12.11 beta and followed your advice on the uninstall of the old drives (Post 37).

    I am wondering where do you find the old 11.12 drivers.

    I did notice stutters today after installing the latest Orbx patch. (like you said.)


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