151: Enriching One’s Pilot Reward Collection

Besides missions, many rewards in FSX could be collected from regular free flyings.   These rewards are called Sandbox Rewards because the world in FSX is like a sandbox in which one can explore without limitations except challenges and realism levels people set for themselves.

Followings highlight eight quick Sandbox Rewards one could easily obtain by just landing at the airports specified.   These places, indeed, are fun to visit, too.

Mataveri International Airport  (SCIP)  is the world’s Most Remote Airport.   It is located at Hanga Roa on the Easter Island.   Its runway starts from the island’s southeast coast and nearly reaches the northwest coast, almost dividing the mountain of Rano Kau from the rest of the island.

Alert Airport (CYLT) is the world’s Most Northern Airport.   It is located at Alert, Nunavut of Canada, about 830 km south of the true North Pole.  The airport is operated by the Canadian Department of National Defence.

Pegasus Field (NZPG) is the world’s Most Southern Airport.   It is a white ice runway located in Antarctica and capable of handling wheeled aircrafts all year round.

Bar Yehuda Airfield (LLMZ) is the Lowest Airport (1,240 ft below mean sea level) in the world.   It is located in the southern Judean desert, between Arad and Ein Gedi, west of the Dead Sea in Israel.

San Rafael Airport (SPRF) is the Highest Airport (14,422 ft) in the world.   It is located at San Rafael in Peru.

Potts Field Ultralight (0WN5) is the Shortest Airport (150 ft) in the world.   It is two miles NW of North Cape in Wisconsin, USA.

In addition to Potts Field Ultralight, landing on OH41 (Cutler Field in Ohio, USA), LA07 (Price Ultralightport in Louisiana, USA), LS93 (Greenwood Plantation Ultralightport in Louisiana, USA) and 67NY (Ultralight Port Ultralightport in New York, USA)as well will give you an extra reward for visiting the five shortest runways in the world.

Similarly, landing on VI66 (Fukche Airport in India), SPVI (Vicco Airport in Peru), SLCN (Charana Airport in Bolivia) and SLLP (El Alto International Airport in Bolivia) in addition to San Rafael Airport, you will earn another reward for visiting the five highest airports in the world.

Should someone be interested to know which is the longest, largest, or busiest airports in real world, Wikipedia is a pretty good information source.

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