146: Shade Shifter Version 2.1 Released

The minor updated version of Shade Shifter has been sent to all subscribers who own version 2.0.

The new version allows the loading of current (or last used) Shade Preset directly without going to the Preset selection screen.

The next update being planned will include some sort of randomized Shade Preset selection feature.

74 thoughts on “146: Shade Shifter Version 2.1 Released

      1. Hello sorry to jump in here, I guess I need version 2 i’ve just purchased SHADE and many of the preset names I don’t see Mikes Final Greener ect; all i have is a lot of presets saying prepared which I don’t know what effects they give think I must have version 1 how can I get version 2 ? do I have to purchase it or is it available as a download
        Thank You


      2. Hi Richard,
        I have no relation to Shade for FSX. My Shade Shifter is in general an addon to it.
        As you have probably read my post, my computer is broken down. I’ll send you my utility as soon as my new computer is set up and having those files restored from my old computer.


  1. First is first, thanks a lot for your time and job!

    Could you please send me a copy of Shade Shifter 2.1?

    Greetings from Spain


  2. Hi Tom,
    already received your POI for the ORBX Scenery ! Thank you again.
    Please let me try your Shade Shifter 2.1 !
    Thank you for your great blog !

    Greetings from Bavaria / Germany, Sven


  3. Hi Tom
    It seems that I missed the Shade Shifter mails, I’ve just formated my PC for new FSX installation, but I can’t find it in my Backups. could you please resend me the last version?
    Thanks in advance


  4. Hello,

    Would love to get shade shifter for my sim. How could i go about getting this i have already subscribe and everything. Great information on this site! :)


    1. Hi Graham, Glad you get the confirmation finally. Since this blog is hosted by WordPress, I have no idea why someone’s subscription doesn’t get thru.
      Don’t know if you are waiting for the download link for my ShadeShifter. Anyway, it’s been sent to your mailbox.


      1. Thanks Tom – when I get a moment I want to speak with you about your Configuration changes. I tried using a UK scenery config change based on your example (I only tried the scenery.cfg change) & found that it loaded really quickly but that I had absolutely no scenery at all even tho I have the full Horizon and UK2000 scenery sets. Going back to re-read your posts now.

        Thanks for the Shade Shifter :)


      2. You are welcome, Graham. The loading time depends very much on the number of addons installed. Minimizing addons on purpose definitely reduces flight session loading time.
        I got full Horizon and some UK2000 scenery. They still take some time to load but a lot faster after unrelated addons are removed.


  5. This looks just like the answer to my Shade prayers.

    I’m sure I subscribed but never heard anything – so I’ve just tried again but still no confirmation email :(


  6. Hi, thank you for the many tips I’ve used in the past. I find your posts extremely helpful. May I also get the link to your shader utility? Thank you.


  7. Hi Tom,

    I have been following since February. Here is my original subscription email sent by you via WordPress. You can clearly see my email address in the reply to WordPress. In WordPress a user name can be configured multiple ways. It can either be via a main account they use to manage multiple WordPress pages (NVMRC in my case), or via specific user names like my name Patrick Drohan. What you see depends on how you have WordPress configured when using their list generate widget. I must be on your list given I am receiving emails from you. I know I can search my WordPress lists by email address. If you search by name though, you may see my main WordPress account (NVMRC) or my email address…depnds what you are pulling from the subscription list. In the end, once this is resolved, I would enjoy trying the Shade Shifter update.


    Follow FSX Times


  8. Hi Tom!
    I’ve just got the link and downloaded Shade Shifter Version 2.1, and want to thank you very much for that. I was worried that you may have sent it and inadvertently I did not see it and had thrown it away but now I think that I really didn’t receive this message before.
    Best brazillian thanks!


  9. Hi Tom,

    I am already subscribed?

    I received the following from you…

    On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 11:35 PM, FSX Times wrote:

    New post on FSX Times

    News: Shade Shifter Version 2.1 Released
    by Tom Tsui

    The minor updated version of Shade Shifter has been sent to all subscribers who own version 2.0. The new version allows the loading of current (or last used) Shade Preset directly without going to the Preset selection screen. The next update being planned will include some sort of randomized Shade Preset selection feature.

    Read more of this post
    Tom Tsui | February 18, 2012 at 12:35 pm | Categories: News | URL: http://wp.me/p11WZa-1mQ

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      1. Hi Tom,

        I confirmed via my WordPress account I have been subscribed to FSXTimes since Feb. 11, 2012. I tried posting this information here twice but it does not seem to be taking….the message disappears?


      2. HI Tom,

        I have been trying to provide an update to you regarding my account, but my post keeps disappearing? I am very confused. According to my WordPress account, I have been subscribed since Feb. 11. 2012.
        Hopefully this post sticks!
        Looking forward to ShadeShifter
        NVMRC (Patrick Drohan)


      3. Hi Patrick,
        I really have no idea why your name or email doesn’t show on my blog’s subscriber list. WordPress sometimes acts strangely. That’s why I am planning to build my own site once I am less busy later this year.
        Anyway, the link for the Shade Shifter has been sent to your mailbox and I am sorry for keeping you waiting.


  10. Hi there,

    Looks like a very useful utility indeed… Could you pls advise how I can get a copy of it?

    Thank you very much!
    Rustam Alhas


  11. Tom,

    Can you please send to me. I currently do not have any version so please send link to full version of Shifter. Much thanks as always…


  12. Hi Tom.
    I haven’t recieved any emails with the link to shade shifter. I’m not sure why. I get other emails announcing new posts and update links etc. I’ve checked my spam folder etc and nothing is in there. Could you try one more time to emal me the link to the shade shifter setup file?
    Chris M.


      1. Hi Tom. I haven’t yet recieved the e-mail with the link to the Shade Shifter. I get emails referring to new posts etc. Would you try one more time to e-mail me the link to the file? Best brazilian regards,


      2. Hi Lear, that’s strange. You are on my ShadeShifter list. Anyway, link has been sent again.
        That’s why I am planning to have my own website. Just too busy to work on it now.


  13. Hi Tom,

    Just subscribed to your blog, although I’ve been reading it for a while now and find it interesting and useful! Your Shade Switcher is just what I’m looking for as I can’t imagine using FSX without shade now, and the dawn and dusk periods are the best visually in FSX.

    Rob W


  14. Hi Tom,

    Just subscribed to your blog to ask for a link to Shade Shifter. I’ve been reading the blog for quite a while now and find it interesting and useful. I wrote something similar to your region switcher for my own use with FS9 for various freeware replacement textures and then realised it could apply to landclass files, terrain bgls etc. etc. Needless to say it got more and more complex so I know what you mean when you say you need to think some more about a general release version!

    All the best,
    Rob W


    1. Yes indeed, Rob.
      We all have different setups and for example I am putting my FSX on X:\ and most scenery on Y:\. Also, there are other addons I put on T:\.
      Just to customize my setup takes quite some time for testing already. It’s a big profile to customize it for others who have very different setup.
      Moreover, I’ve been quite busy for work these days. But I’ll keep it on my project list and see if it is possible to have a simplified version when I am available.


  15. Hello there, I subscribed just now to your WordPress blog, if possible I would like to download the latest version of your Shade Shifter utility. Thanks :)


  16. Tom can you please send me the shade shifter link. Also when will the zone switcher be ready for release? Ive tried to work my own cfg’s and scenery but slightly paranoid i might stuff something up and will have to re-install again


  17. Hello Tom, can you sendme the link, to test your software, I am a subscriber of your blog, and i can’t find the link.

    Regards from Spain


  18. hello tom,

    just downloaded “shade for fsx” and found your “shade shifter”. seems to be a nice tool! where can i get it?

    many thanks!


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