News: Shade Shifter Version 2 Update

Quite busy these days and I don’t even have time to fly.   Anyway, a minor update to version 2 of Shade Shifter will be coming soon.

It will allow the loading of last chosen Preset automatically without going to the Preset selection screen.   This feature was requested by Riccardo.

4 thoughts on “News: Shade Shifter Version 2 Update

  1. Hiya Tom

    Could you please comment on this… about AS2012, which I recently bought and am learning how to use effectively. Is it the case that when AS2012 runs and feeds in its cloud graphics, it will over-write the ShadeShifter preset? I am very pleased with some of the AS2012 cloud sprites, particularly the cirrus and the Cu, some of which look towering and very ‘cumuliform’ like Cu-Nim, even better than REX2 (IMHO) with no disrespect intended to REX at all.


    1. Hi Phil,
      Shade for FSX only changes atmospheric files for the 10-day cycle in FSX only. Files replaced (or temporarily replaced) by Shade for FSX are stored under the texture folder of FSX. I didn’t upgrade to AS2012. However, they should be independent from each other. Please see my Post 107 ( for more information about the files replaced by Shade for FSX. AS2012 is newer than REX and probably uses a different technology to create cloud texture, etc. Also, it’s very much depending on personal preferences. REX announced updates to be coming soon. So just wait and see.


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