145: Shade Shifter Version 2

Version 2 of my Shade Shifter program will be released in the next few days.   The code has been rewritten completely for better efficiency.   Other changes include:

1.  Improved program interface;
2.  All presets now grouped under a specific sub-directory; and
3.  All buttons could be renamed by users.

However, I am not going to send this update out to all subscribers as I did for the first version because obviously not all simmers have Shade for FSX.    So any subscriber who has Shade for FSX and would like to get a copy of this update, please jot a note in the Comments section below.    Download link will be emailed later once the testing of the new version is completed.

Again, only subscriber requests will be entertained.

67 thoughts on “145: Shade Shifter Version 2

  1. Hi Tom,

    I did receive it. But only version 2.1a and 3. If I run it, I am getting the error settings.ini is missing.



  2. Tom, new to the site and loving everything here. I purchased the shade program and would like your utility. Please email it to me if possible. Thanks.


  3. I would like to get a copy of the shade shifter too. Also I am installing FSX for the first time. Checking your posts I bookmarked the 4 part information on tuning. Is this a good place to start or do recommend any other posts? Thank you very much.


    1. Hi Tim,
      The download link of the Shade Shifter has been sent to your mailbox. Yes, the 4 part information on tuning is a good place to start. Just take one step at a time since you are new to FSX.


      1. Ok thanks for the download. I assume I still need FSUIPC. Also I have a small C drive with the operating system, I have read alot of debate on where to install FSX. Is there any reason I can’t use a different drive? If this is not the correct place to ask these questions please advise. Thank you.


      2. Hi Tim,
        FSUIPC is not a must unless you have other addons that require it. Moreover, most addons only require a free FSUIPC version.
        I don’t know what other people argue about where to install FSX. I installed mine onto a separate SSD (X:\) and most scenery on another HDD (Y:\). Also, some tools for FSX are installed on another HDD (T:\). My C:\ drive is basically reserved for Windows system only. However, there are some addons give you no choice but to install them onto C:\ drive.
        Anyway, you can see that even under such an installation, I don’t have problem running FSX at all, and in contrast I gained many advantages, such as space and organization, of spreading the whole FSX and addons over different drives.
        One advice, don’t be too aggressive from start since you are new to FSX and not quite understand about how FSX and addons are doing.


  4. Hi Tom
    I would be very glad if you send me the download link of your great tool, for information, i don’t have the first version, thank’s :)


  5. Hi Tom, Shade Shifter is very great and simple. Just a question: is it a preset injection “on the fly” not a “set and forget” correct? I mean….when I switch to a profile it has been loaded and used ONLY when I run FSX, then when I closed FSX the profile is unloaded too, correct?

    I thought you can choose from a profile in Shade Shifter V2 and then load (set and forget) that profile forever, all the time you lunch FSX. Isn’t possible a feature like that in a next update?

    Many thanks for all,


    1. Hi Riccardo, you are right. Presets are loaded through the Shade Shifter when you run FSX.
      Yes, your suggestion is possible to load a specific preset forever. I’ll keep that in my next update.


      1. Hello Tom

        I didn’t recieve the email you sent. Any chance you could resend it. Not sure why the email didn’t get through. I do get your new post notification emails through ok.



  6. Good day to Everyone

    I was searching the Web and came across the site. It knocked my socks off with the wealth of information all in one place. Can I still get a copy of Shade Shifter Version 2?

    I have to find more time to take a close look at the post. I knew that there were undocumented things you could do in FSX but I had no idea how many.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    Bob Ski


    1. H Bod, Surely you can have a copy of the Shade Shifter Version 2 since you have subscribed. Should you need more information about it, please read my Post 142, which discussed the concept of it. Also, you could find other utilities I wrote for Shade for FSX under the Tool section on my blog menu. Welcome aboard.


  7. Hi Tom, just read about your Shade Shifter program I would love to try it out.
    I really appreciate it when you send me the download link and send me a message when version 2 is ready Thx.


  8. Hi Tom , first , thanks a lot for all your work ; I would be very happy to try your “Shade Shifter Version 2” .
    Thanks to send me a download link .
    Regards from France .


  9. Hello Tom.I would like to received your update when it will be ok.
    Thanks a lot for that and for all your work around the FSX subjects.We can read good and improve information and not only blablabla


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