News: Friday Harbor Photoreal & Project R22

San Juan Island’s Friday Harbor (KFHR) and its surrounding areas have always been my favorite locations to fly in since I started playing FSX.    Therefore, when I found the Friday Harbor Photoreal by George Keogh just published at AVSIM, I feel particularly excited even though the scenery doesn’t quite fit into my current setup.   For anyone who has an affection to Friday Harbor like I do, here’s the link: KFHR Friday Harbor Photoreal.

Also, a friend, Roma No in France, is developing enhanced textures and 3D cockpits for Robinson R22.   They look pretty good to me.   Worth a visit to his Project R22 even you are not a helicopter fan.

In addition, AMD yesterday released its HD7970.  Virtually all reviews from techy websites gave it a very high score.  It’s now certainly a real temptation to me.

News is a new category in my blog, which I will list some interesting developments within the FSX circle.


8 thoughts on “News: Friday Harbor Photoreal & Project R22

  1. Hello Tom do you know about Samsung Galaxy Tablet can work with any Flight Map software

    I am not a fan of Apple, plus it is on sale right now.



  2. Hi Tom
    My names george from fiji islands. Would really appreciate a copy of those 8 files for my fsx system. ASUS i5 3.2ghz 2 TB HDD 2GB DDR AMD5570 Graphics Card Windows x64 FSX and Accelaration installed. All orbx sceneries and PMDG


    1. Hello George from Fiji and Tim from somewhere. I guess you two meant the 8-BASIC file set for my flying zones. Your comments are posted to the wrong posts. Anyway, the file is on its way to your mailboxs.


  3. Hats off to all freeware developers, but it’s really sad that he didn’t program this wonderful scenery fitting with Orbx.
    There will probably be just a few FSX pilots who doesn’t use Orbx scenery as a basis.
    This way he could have achieved much more users.



  4. Hi Tom,
    It would have perfect if he would have blended it into the Orbex Scenery.
    I guess that I am just going to have to do it myself.
    It’s my world and I would never let the files leave my machine.
    It’s not fair to the developer to ever modify his/her files and then post them without their review and permission.


    1. Hi Dale,
      Blending with Orbx Scenery would make it a better one. Totally agree that.
      Let us know the result of your attempt even though it’ll be your run on your machine only.


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