141: FlyZone Switcher Update

As mentioned in Post 137,   I’ve been working on an exe program that aims to integrate all my flying zones, which used to be run by separate batch files in BASIC, together.    Over the holidays,  I have completed:

  • The Core programming;
  • Redesigning the layout of the interface;  and
  • Restructuring all fsx.CFG, scenery.CFG, DLL.XML, and other related files.

At present, the program, I call it FlyZone Switcher, is now fully functional, and six areas have been implemented with no errors.   Followings are the images capturing the flow of switching from Orbx’s North America to FSX’s Default Central America:

When the Switcher is executed, it will detect the current active flying zone automatically.
Select an area to switch to; then a small image of the area will show up.
Click the Switch button and then Yes to confirm the switching.    Then, fsx.CFG, scenery.CFG, DLL.XML, missions and all other related files will be converted automatically.
When the conversion is completed, image of the selected area  —  Central America  —  is shown, meaning Central America is now the active flying zone.
Click Run FSX will start to load FSX.

Via the program, switching from one zone to another requires just a few mouse clicks.    Moreover, I have programmed to allow the options of running other applications, such as Shade for FSX, GameBooster, TrackIR, etc, before the loading of FSX.

The six areas implemented to date are Asia, Orbx’s Australia, Central America, Orbx’s NA, Orbx’s New Zealand and South America.

For the remaining areas, probably I need another couple of weeks or two to complete.    Truly, I am quite excited about the result so far.

17 thoughts on “141: FlyZone Switcher Update

  1. Hi Tom. This tool looks great. Any news on it? I m still looking forward for my best FSX configuration.. I already changed many things according to your great posts. But I still think there’s more to get out of my system :) I changed to FSX a few months ago after many years FS9, so I’m not yet that familiar with the config.



    1. The FlyZone Switcher is far more complicated than expected since it correlates to a lot of customization. I am thinking of a series of posts guiding people who are interested in this approach for proper set up before using the Switcher utility. It may take awhile, still.


  2. looks great and is very useful for people, who have installed a lot of sceneries. Where will you sell your FlyZone switcher ?



  3. Dang, I was all hotset to download this usefull tool and then… I have to wait until mid 2012. Well… I am holding my breath… gasp.. wheeze.
    thankyou. I look forward to it.


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