138: More than 100,000 Views

Hi Friends, the page views of this blog has passed 100,000, which originally I didn’t expect to reach until early 2012.    The number, 100,000, may be just a fraction to other big sites but really it is a milestone to my blog and I am so happy to see the readership grow.

In coming 2012, I will expand and transform this blog into a full website which will include more features and information for and from the FSX world.

For now, Happy New Year to you all!

11 thoughts on “138: More than 100,000 Views

  1. Hi Tom, on the sidebar your subscriber counter is currently on 576.
    Was just wondering how the pageviews are doing. Still growingI hope?

    Do not compare yourself with others. It is quality that count not quantity!


    1. That counter is for subscribers by email address only. That’s why I ask people to subscribe in that way.
      Average pageview is about 1000 daily. I don’t do any site promotions thru facebook, twitter, or whatever sources. I just let it run as it is.
      Frankly I am happy with it.


  2. Thank youb for your blog Tom. I’m a french simmer and i like reading your different news and your precious feedback.

    i wish a long life to this blog and happy new year to all simmers


  3. Very well-deserved Tom. Your blog contains a wealth of knowledge that is enlightening to so many members of the flightsim community. Thanks for your wonderful contribution to our hobby. Looking forward to your next post.


  4. Tom,

    You are one of the smartest FS oriented guys I know and well deserve all the hits on your blog and more. Thanks for your tips that have helped me out in the past.


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