136: Maps – New Zealand South

Just installed Orbx’s New Zealand South Island.  As expected, the product is a lot better than the default FSX scenery.    The quality of this new addon to me, however, is lower than the company’s North America products.   You will say “not bad” (edit: much better with the SP1) but won’t give it a “wow” when you first run it — die-hard Orbx fans may disagree.

Actually, the company’s recent products are giving me an impression that the overall quality of their addons are generally lowered.   I no longer buy their products without a second thought as I used to be in the last few years.

Anyway, here’s my modified version of the island’s airports and landmarks.   It is recommended to just COPY the URL and add it to the Network Link in Google Earth so that updates can be immediately reflected when available.


Moreover, following is the compatibility table of some airports from Vector Land Class and Godzone I have tested while using with Orbx’s New Zealand South scenery.

Kaikoura from VLC blending with Orbx's quite well

Especially, Kaikoura from VLC blends with Orbx’s scenery quite well.   Many others, I believe, could be altered to better work with it.

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