135: My Best fsx.CFG Update

As earlier reported in Post 133, my system got some positive results from increasing the value of TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT to 800.

Updated on May-4, 2012: However, dropping down the value from 800 to 400 brings a result that the setting is more compatible to my recent hardware changes.   Therefore, the value of TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT is now set to 400.

Here is the fsx.CFG for all my flying zones — Note that TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT is 400, not 800.

Updated items are highlighted in red.


  • The Anisotropic=1 setting should be good for most people.
  • But many others may find the result from TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=800 (which is good on my HD6970 card) differently with a different card.     Explore it yourself.
  • My previous fsx.CFG settings should still be good for general references.