127: Put the Tower Radar on the Plane

Each aircraft in FSX can be equipped up to 9 different panels, and each of these panels can be called up by pressing the [SHIFT] plus a number key from 1 to 9.   However, only a few aircrafts in FSX are actually equipped with all 9 panels.   Most aircrafts use less than five.

The following tweak adds the radar panel found in control tower to virtually any aircraft.

Don’t remember where I found this tweak in the first place (credit should be given to the one who shared this).    It is an interesting and useful one and quite easy to implement.    Furthermore, I had it simplified.

Here’s how to add the radar to the Cessna 172 as an example.    Same procedures apply to all other planes:

Open panel.cfg  (X:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\C172\panel) of the C172.
Do remember to make a backup of the cfg first.

Add the command line Window08=FF_Radar under [Window Titles] section

This will assign the radar panel to Window08 (press SHIFT+9 to open).

Surely it can be assigned to any other window that is available (in this case Window06 – Window08) to the aircraft.    I am using the last Window just to maintain consistency across all modified aircrafts.

Add the whole command section below to the panel.cfg   —   It could be put at the end of the cfg file or where the last window ends (in this case Window08).

Window_Size=0.43, 0.37  —  indicates the proportions (43% horizontally, 37% vertically) to the actual size of the radar panel.   It could be changed according to one’s own preferences.

Position=6  —  represents the lower left corner of the screen where the radar is located.    The chart on the right illustrates how the monitor screen is divided in FSX.

Save and exit panel.cfg.    The radar has been added to the C172.    To call up the radar, just press SHIFT+9.

Here’s how the screen on my C172 looks over Bowerman KHQM.


21 thoughts on “127: Put the Tower Radar on the Plane

  1. Settings to copy if anyone wants them

    Window_Size=0.43, 0.37
    gauge00=radar!radarscreen, 252,22,615,584
    gauge01=radar!information, 13,518,228,87
    gauge02=radar!session_info, 13,220,228,307
    gauge03=radar!radar_Settings, 13,0,228,230
    gauge04=ff_gauges!ff_radar_back, 0,0


  2. Another great article. I added this to a little jeep addon that I downloaded over on Avsim. Now I can drive around to my favorite viewpoint, usually on top of a hill overlooking the active approach of a runway, and watch all the big heavy traffic land and takeoff. Thanks for the great tip!


      1. Well Sir Im happy now,its working on my baron,I even add it up on a321,737,&747 as well & it works.What I did is that I put the Window08 on the very last part of the cfg as what I have seen in your cfg & also in your cfg there are no spacing in the “draw order gauge” but mine have so I simply follow yours.Thank You very much Sir.


  3. Ok sir,I´ll wait…By the way I also tried to add the radar panel on beech king air & now its worst,my fsx freeze & gets an error message “appcrash” :( , any idea about this sir?


    1. Hi Onin,
      I don’t install the radar on every plane but the procedure should be the same. I’ll try it on the Beech King and Baron next week.
      Regarding your problem, I suggest you to revert back to your original settings. I couldn’t tell what’s wrong with just a brief description from you.


    2. Hi Onin,
      Just checked the Beech Baron 58 with Radar installed. No problem on my side. I have sent you my panel.cfg file to you by email. Compare yours and mine to find out what’s the difference.
      Didn’t check the Beech King Air. However, the modification should be the same. If you have problems on yours, just revert them back to their originals.


  4. I Tried this with a Beech Baron 58 in my FSX Gold edition , I could NOT get the screen to come up like you have and yes, I typed it in perfectly just like you have it above word for word , comma, , for coma and period. for period too . will it not work for FSX gold or what?? I’d like to get it and make it work , but what am I doing wrong I wonder any help ? thanks – jetranger


    1. Hi Jetranger,
      No idea what you have done wrong. Anyway, I have sent you my Baron’s panel file by email. Please crosscheck it with your own to find the difference.


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