125: Aircraft Door Fixes

The Mitsubishi Pajero by Mitsuya Hamaguchi is supposed to have its Door Windows, Cabin Doors and Engine Hood opened (or closed) when [SHIFT+E][SHIFT+E] then [2], and [SHIFT+E] then [3] are pressed respectively.

However, due to a mismatch error in its aircraft.cfg file, its hood (bonnet) cannot be opened when [SHFT+E] then [3] is pressed.

By correcting the number_of_exits from 2 to 3, the opening (or closing) of the hood is now functioned properly.

Wondering if other aircrafts are having the same error, I checked and tested all aircrafts in my system and found that the Carenado Centurion T210 and the default B737_800 and B747_400 are having this “mismatch” issue.    However, only the B737 and B747 can be fixed by correcting the number_of_exits.

Following is the [exits] entry of the aircraft.cfg of B747.

After correcting the number from 2 to 3, the missing exits are now shown when [SHFT+E] then [3] is pressed.

The Mitsubishi Pajero can be downloaded from AVSim or FlightSim.

6 thoughts on “125: Aircraft Door Fixes

  1. Hi John, I find your blog very useful and informative. I have a number of questions to ask, but I know you are a very busy man so I will just limit it to one at a time. As it relates to this post, I am having a problem with the Carenado Cessna 172N with the doors. I can get the pilot door open and closed with Shift+E, but cannot EVER open the passenger door with Shift+E+2, and can only sometimes open the cargo door with Shift+E+3 but cannot ever close the cargo door. Do you have any clues or ideas as to why this is or how I might fix it?


    1. Hi Gabriel, my name is not John. Are you addressing your message to someone instead?
      Anyway, have you checked the exits setting in your airplane file?
      BTW, do subscribe my blog first.


      1. Apologies for my stupidity there with the name mix-up, I’ve no idea where I came up with John…Here is the exits section of the aircraft.cfg for this plane. And I have been a subscriber since Feb. in fact :)



      2. Haha. No problem with that.
        I removed the aircraft from my system long ago. So I can’t test it from my side. Anyway, try changing the setting as follows and let me know if it works.

        exit.0 = 0.4
        exit.1 = 0.4
        exit.2 = 0.4


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