120: AMD Radeon Driver 11.9 Update

Just updated my Radeon driver to 11.9 for a few days.

My impression from the overall result of the new driver is more or less the same as when I did the 11.8 update — no obvious increase in fps but feel a little bit smoother.   Seems like the driver is getting better every time it updates.   Maybe it is psychological since no direct comparison could be made.   Anyway, don’t see any performance hit either.

Settings for the 11.9 driver remain unchanged as in 11.8.

Read some posts reporting the drop in fps after the 11.9 udpate.   No idea what causes the issue but Rebuilding the Shader Cache may help.

In particular for driver updates, I will beforehand backup both my Windows drive and FSX drive (using Acronis True Image) just in case.   This saved me several times in the past.

4 thoughts on “120: AMD Radeon Driver 11.9 Update

  1. That is my feeling too, but as you say I cannot be sure. Which one feels best for you so far (11.10 probably)?


    1. Hi Takis,
      Subjectively I feel a very very slight deterioration in performance — I am not sure, really. I am using it, anyway. You could back up your system and try to install the new one to see if it is good to you. If not, restore your system to the previous version then.


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