112: Finding the Day of SHADE

As explained by the developers of SHADE for FSX, days in FSX are looped in a 10-day cycle and his program was designed and built on that loop, which allows the loading of up to 10 different SHADE presets in FSX.

However, how to find which Day is active on a specific date is not easy (at least not by the time of this post).

Followings are the principles of the 10-day cycle and how it is calculated:

1.  All months are counted to have 31 days, despite the real calendar

2.  The most recent year which started Day 1 on January-1 is 2008

3.  This very first Day 1 of a year will shift one day forward in the next following year

4.  This shift is looped in a 10-year cycle

Based on above criteria, I have created an FSX Day Cycle Table, from which the active Day of a specific date could be easily identified.

Here’s how the table works using April-30, 2012 as an example:

  • Look for 2012 from the YEAR header of the table (years highlighted in Green on white text, plus 2008 and 2028, are leap years)
  • Year 2012 is above the column of Day 05, meaning the very first Day 1 in 2012 is on January-5
  • In other words, this very first Day 1 is shifted 4 days from the one in 2008.   The principle applies to all other days within 2012
  • Now after the year, look for April-30;  it is on column Day 03 from the table
  • So, shifting the column four days forward to “DAY 7” will be the ACTIVE DAY  of the 10-day cycle on April-12, 2012



I am working on a Calculator version for the Day Cycle.   It will be no more than just entering the date to find out the active Day.   It should be ready in a couple of days after some technical issues are sorted.   Stay tuned.

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