110: RTMM’s CIRP Photo Previews

As mentioned in post 104 that I’ve been helping scenery checking for Return to Misty Moorings’ (RTMM) soon to be released Cambria Icefield Research Project (CIRP).

Agreed by Doug Linn of RTMM, followings are photo previews of the various ice stations from the project:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note that there might be some objects missing from the photos.  They were taken a couple of weeks ago before scenery and libraries were finalized.   It is a preliminary preview; nothing is final.

There are 10 ice stations and a number of associated scenery created in the project.   Click images below to enlarge the photo of specific ice stations or visitor centers:

  • CIRP Office at Ketchikan PAKT
  • CIRP Operations Base in Steward CZST
  • PF40 – Mt McLeod Ice Station
  • PF41 – Otter Mountain Ice Station
  • PF42 – Cambria East Ice Station
  • PF43 – Bromley Peak Ice Station
  • PF44 – Kitsault Peak Ice Station
  • PF45 – Mt Johnson Ice Station
  • PF46 – Mt Pattullo Ice Station
  • PF47 – Erickson Glacier Ice Station
  • PF48 – Summit Ice Station
  • PF49 – Through Glacier Research Base
  • Soule Glacier Visitors Center

More information could be found from RTMM’s website.


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