109: An Alternative to Framerate Display

Pressing Shift-Z in FSX can display a bunch of information regarding the current flight session, such as framerate, position, heading, airspeed, etc.   However, there is no way to change the position, font size and color of the text of the Shift-Z command itself.

ATI Tray Tools by Ray Adams is a good alternative and it can display information about the computer status as well.   Actually, ATI Tray Tools is a powerful Radeon card utility that offers extra advanced video card features beyond the official Catalyst Control Center.

Due to the installation of my other graphics card utility, however, I only use its OnScreen Display function for displaying framerate and computer status in FSX.

The setting up of the Onscreen display function is pretty easy after the program is installed.

Click Tools and Options and then OnScreen Display

Check the options desired

Check the required computer information to display.   Try them out for the best combination most suitable.


1.  The latest version of this utility is v1.7.9 but the one I prefer and use is v1.6.9 because the older
_   version has more choices in the Select Active Fields than the new one.   It shouldn’t be difficult to
_   Google and download the older version.

2.  This utility may not compatible with new AMD card.   My HD 6970 crashes with this utility installed.


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