101: FSDiscover FTX AU POIs

Compared to NA regions, Orbx’s Australia doesn’t have much POIs to include, probably due to its early release dates.   Anyway, based on the FTX AU Landmarks post, three FSDiscover data files covering the whole country are compiled.   They are:

  • AU_Dams-Winds-Mines-Lakes.dat          (Wind Farms, Dams, Mines & Lakes)
  • AU_Grain Silos.dat          (Grain Silos in West Australia)
  • AU_Misc-POI.dat          (Power Stations, Race Courses, Country Parks, etc)

Similarly, separating the POIs in 3 different allows assigning different colors to different POI categories for easy identification.

Anyone who is interested in getting these FSDiscover data for Orbx Australia, subscribe my blog first and notify me with a comment.

17 thoughts on “101: FSDiscover FTX AU POIs

  1. hello Tom
    I bought fsdiscover and searching for poi i discovered you impressie site. The info i need. Tweaks, poi and so on.
    please can you send met the pois for fsdiscover of na, alaska, england. That are my orbx scenery.
    Iam going to read all of your site. I Say again, very impressive
    I will also inform my Flying mates of flightsim eindhoven. See internet if you want to. Lots of info there too.
    Ths very much.


    1. Hi Jan, Welcome joining FSX Times. You reminded that I haven’t updated the FSDiscover for quite some time now. May be a little bit out of date but should still be good.
      You should find the download links in your mailbox now.
      Have fun, Tom


      1. hello Tom
        Ths for the quick reply.
        Maybe something went wrong but i still do not have the files in my email.
        like to hear from ho


  2. Hi Tom,
    I was so disappointed with FSDiscover’s coverage of Australia that I ordered XPOI. If you could send me those FSDiscover files though it would be much appreciated as I find the garish green markers a bit off putting with XPOI. Thanks.


  3. Hi Tom,
    Just subscribed to your blog, having visited several times in past. Could you please mail me a copy of FSDiscover FTX AU POIs please? Looks really interesting.


  4. Hi Tom,

    Your FSdiscover files seem great!
    How could you I get them?

    Also, do you have or do you know a place where I can get a FSDiscover dat file for FTX Australia airports/airfields?


    1. Hi Gerard,
      Just sent you the FSDiscover file for AU POIs. Check your mailbox in 5 mins.
      For airports & airfields, you don’t need it as long as you have FTX’s and OZx’s sceneries installed. They will show up when you activate FSDiscover.


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