100: FSDiscover FTX NA POIs + 100th Post Note

FSDiscover by Flight1 is a navigation tool addon for FSX, which is very useful in locating airports and sightseeing spots for flightsimmers.

Orbx’s NA BLUE Pacific North West (PNW) comes with an FSDiscover data file for the region’s Points of Interest (don’t remember if it was created by Orbx officially or by some members from its forum).    However, the file contains airports information in the region as well, which causes unnecessary duplications when FSDiscover is showing airport names.

Moreover, there’s been no update found for the file.   Also, all Orbx’s newer regions — Pacific Fjords (PFJ), Northern Rocky Mountains (NRM) and Central Rocky Mountains (CRM) — don’t have any FSDiscover data available.

Based on my previous FTX NA Landmarks post, I compiled 5 FSDiscover data files covering all POIs in the four regions plus FSAddon’s Tongass Fjords (TFJ) area.    All cabin Lodges from Return to Misty Moorings (RTMM) are also included.

  • FTX NA_Cabin-Lodges.dat          (Cabin Lodges)
  • FTX NA_Dams-Winds-Mines.dat          (Wind Turbine Farms, Hydro Dams, Mines & Sawmills)
  • FTX NA_Lighthouses.dat          (Lighthouses)
  • FTX NA_Misc-POI.dat          (Photoreal POIs and Misc POIs)
  • FTX NA_Mountains-Passes-Glaciers-ski.dat          (Mountains, Roads & Passes, Glaciers, Ski Areas)

The reason of creating 5 separate files instead of a single one because this allows assigning different colors to different POI categories for easy identification when activating FSDiscover as picture shown above.

Anyone who is interested in getting any of these FSDiscover data files for Orbx and FSAddon’s NA regions, subscribe my blog first and notify me with a comment.


41 thoughts on “100: FSDiscover FTX NA POIs + 100th Post Note

  1. Hopefully better very very late than never. Just recently subscribed to your blog and saw your 100th post. I am interested in obtaining any and all files you have related to FS Discover POIs for ORBX/FSX, etc. Thanks in advance for anything you can send me and thanks for taking the time to write this blog. It is appreciated.


  2. Hello, congratulations for your work that really interest me because I love FSX. I did not know your blog I think it’s great. I do not speak English (I’m French) so I used google translation. I count on you to send me your files. I registered on the blog. Thank you very much.


  3. Hello Tom. I like very much your blog. I’ve collected all Orbx NA regions, England, Wales and Scotland plus the free Tasmania. Can you send me your Fs Discover Poi files? Thanks and a “big ciao” from Florence, Italy.


  4. Hi Tom,
    just found your blog, because I reinstalled FSDiscover after a while… And additionally I´m a fan of ORBX and RTMM. Great work! Would be glad to get your files!! Thanks in forehand and all the best wishes from Germany…


      1. Hi Stephan,
        Your record has just received. No idea why it took so long (nearly 12 hours) for WordPress to send your information to me. Anyway, I have sent you the files you requested by email. Check your mailbox.
        BTW, I have included Orbx’s AU POIs, just in case you are interested to have them as well. Also, updates for newer NA regions should be coming soon.


  5. I just came across and subscribed to your great FSX Blog. I can see I’ll be reading alot here. If you would be so kind, I would really appreciate the FSDiscover FTX POI files.

    Thanks for making these files and this blog available. Its really a big help


  6. Hi tom, first post here, just found this site stumbling around, got a bit of reading to do, some great topics are covered especially what you have written on the shaders. if you can e-mail me a link for these FSDiscover files that would be great. at the moment i have PNW, CRM and Pacific Fjords, don’t know much about Tongass Fjords but can see were it fits in with a .KMZ of the region, thanks.



    1. Hi Ray,
      Surely can send you the FSDiscover files but a basic requirement to get my files is to become a subscriber of this blog. Just input your email address after clicking the Subscribe Me button. Once I get notification and I’ll send you the file asap. Tom


      1. Hi Ray, I have no idea about the subscription process. I got others telling me that they didn’t get subscribed the first time. Anyway, the files have been sent to your mailbox.


  7. Hi Tom,
    great blog, many infos, thank you for sharing your findings ! Would you send me your FSDiscover files ?
    Greetings from Germany, Sven


  8. I just stumbled on your site. Great work! I’d love to receive those FsDiscover files please. Sounds like a great addition to the Orbyx work.


  9. Hi again Tom,
    check this out: a freeware tool that works on / with FSUIPC.
    This is the link from the Avsim forum. Seems to be a great tool. Just saw it and thought of you. Did not test it yet. It is called Linda.

    This is the link:

    PS Do you have an email where to send you such hints? (I do not like facebook and that kind of ‘social’ solutions).

    Best regards from a sunny day in Germany,


      1. …I am sorry, no. I just spotted it. But in some (german) forum they spoke good about it. I will give it a try next week.


      2. Just have a quick look at its introduction and menu. Seems to be good. Definitely will give it try later. Am currently busy on remapping keys for my Saitek panels, TPM and CH Eclipse Yoke. Also, just purchased a program called “Shade”. Tried it for a few times and impressive. Will play it a more days and report in my post.


  10. Great work Tom! Thanks for sharing!! Here an idea for a future blog article: why not speak about FSUIPC. It seems the registred version has quite many functionalities and a small tutorial about the main functionalities would be really great. What do you think about it??
    best regards from Germany,


    1. Great idea Steman about having a post for FSUIPC. But I am afraid that may take a while since I just purchased it not too long ago. And you are right that the registered version has quite a lot functionalities which I believe requiring a thick book to explain all of them. Anyway, I will try to start with some basic functions. For example, I have just used it to map FSDiscover’s startup hotkeys to the buttons on my Yoke. The mapping is not possible through FSX’s key assignment.
      Thanks for the idea.


  11. Hi Tom:
    Congratulations for your 100th posts. Since I pass by your Blog my FSX runs like a charm.
    Also I have noticed this problem of duplicated items in FsDiscover with the POIs in PJF and ORbx but I can not solve it.
    Iwill agree you this combinations of dat files, if is posible to get it.
    Agree again.


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