98: fsx.CFG – Shift-Z Parameters

Someone just asked if there is any way to change the font size and color of the Shift-Z text.   Unfortunately, there isn’t any as far as I know, although some people reported that the paid version of FSUIPC might be able to change the color of the text.   But still, font size seems to be hardcoded and can’t be changed.

Anyway, this reminds me that in addition to the AverageFrameRate previously discussed when Shift-Z is pressed, there are a few more parameters that can be applied to the Shift-Z display as well:

AltitudeAgl = n1, n2
AngleOfAttack = n1, n2
FuelRemainingGallons = n1, n2
FuelRemainingPounds = n1, n2
GForce = n1, n2
HeadingHex = n1, n2
HeadingTrue = n1, n2
LatitudeDec = n1, n2
LatitudeHex = n1, n2
LongitudeDec = n1, n2
LongitudeHex = n1, n2
TrueAirspeed = n1, n2
VerticalSpeed = n1, n2
VideoDevice = n1, n2
WindDirection = n1, n2
WindSpeed = n1, n2

= the line position and
= the order of appearance of the parameter on that line

In addition, Shift-Z can display up to 6 lines in total for these parameters on the screen.

Have purchased the FSUIPC registration but found no option available to change the color of the Shift-Z text.

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