78: Maps – FTX AU Airports – Northern Territory

Norther Territory
Here is the Australia Airport Map for Northern Territory with Orbx Default, Orbx Enhanced, OZx Enhanced and Ant’s Airplanes Enhanced Addons.

Add the AU Airport Map URL in Tasmania Map to Google Earth Network Link. Content has been updated with Northern Territory airports.

Followings are instructons for flying to some of these enhanced airports in Northern Territory:

Albany Creek YABK –  (YBCR172002)
Albany Park –  (YBCR180002)
Ali-Curung  –  (YYND058163)
Ampilatwatja YAMJ –  (YBAS025148)
Areyonga YARN –  (YAYE091096)
Atitjere (Hart’s Range) YHTS –  (YBAS044074)
Balma  –  (YLEV172045)
Batchelor YBCR –  (CrabClawIs128031)
Coomalie Creek YCCR –  (YABK062006)
Crab Claw Island  –  (DundeeBch085015)
Darwin YPDN –  (YMKT314014)
Darwin Hospital YXDH –  (YPDN000003)
Delissaville YDLV –  (YPDN232013)
Docker River YDVR –  (YAYE275102)
Dum in Mirrie Island YDII –  (YDLV252018)
Dundee Beach –  (YDII184005)
Emkaytee YKMT –  (YCCR347025)
Epenarra YEPR –  (YBAS015215)
Finke, Apatula YFNE –  (YBAS156113)
Fregon YFRG –  (YAYE145110)
Groote Eylandt YGTE –  (YNUM062087)
Gurrumurru YGUM –  (YPGV236039)

Haast’s Bluff YHAA –  (YBAS275114)
Hermannsburg YHMB –  (YBAS258061)
Jervois (Orrtipa-Thurra)  –  (YBAS058139)
King’s Creek Station YKCS –  (YAYE040065)
Lake Nash YLKN –  (YBAS048280)
Laramba  –  (YBAS3150099)
Lucy Creek YLUC –  (YBAS054153)
Manyallaluk –  (YBMY346015)
Mt Liebig YLBG –  (YAYE003117)
Murray Downs YMYW –  (YBAS010170)
Papunya YPAY –  (YBAS281114)
Plenty River (Atula) YATL –  (YBAS071141)
Robertson Barracks YRBK –  (YXDH127006)
Ti-Tree YTIT –  (YBAS340103)
Tilmouth Well  –  (YBAS304093)
Tindal YPTN –  (YPDN142152)
Umawa YUMU –  (YAYE139097)
Urapunga YUPG –  (YBAS016102)
Willowra YWLA –  (YBAS330168)
Yuendumu YYND –  (YMNA268022)
Yualamu YMNA, Mt Allen  –  (YBAS309132)

For example to go to Albany Park (YBCR180002):
1. Depart from Batchelor YBCR
2. Head for 180 Magnetic
3. Fly 2 Nautical Miles

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