75: Maps – FTX AU Airports – Tasmania

Here is the Australia Airport Map for Tasmania with Orbx Default, Orbx Enhanced, OZx Enhanced and Ant’s Airplanes Enhanced Addons.

Right Click to copy the following URL and add it to Network Link in Google Earth.  Content will be updated when maps for other states and territories are uploaded.


Followings are instructions for flying to some of these enhanced airports in Tasmania:

Balfour YBFR — (YSMI188027)
Bathurst Harbour YBHB — (YMHB225069)
Ben Lomond — (E of Launceston)
Breadalbane Quarry — (YMLT260001)
Bridport YBDP — (YGTO068026)
Bruny Island YBYI — (YMHB180024)
Burnie Harbour — (YWYY101008)
Cape Barren Island YCBN — (YLDB209014)
Clarke Is YCKD — (YCBN136009)
Claude Rd — (YDPO191017)
Cradle Mountain — (YWYY152035)
Deal Island, Bass St — (YYRM142061)
Ford Creek — (YBFR154020)
Friendly Beaches YFRI — (YSTH168039)
George Town YGTO — (YMLT314032)
Hobart International YMHB — (YCBG180001)
Iceton Station — (YSTH334028)
Interlaken — (YMLT171036)
Jericho – YJCO — (YLAG304041)
Killiecrankie YKCK , Flinders Is — (YFLI320016)

King Island YKII — (YSMI309079)
Lady Barron YLDB, Flinders Is — (YFLI110012)
Lagoon Bay YLAG — (YCBG085021)
Lake Pedder YLPR — (YSFY269045)
Launceston YMLT — (YMHB337078)
Mathinna — (YSTH238020)
Mt King William III — (YQNS104035)
Mt Roland — (ClaudeRd218005)
Palana, Flinders Is — (YKCK014004)
Passage Is YPSI — (YCKD073010)
St Helen’s YSTH — (Valleyfield044052)
Sandfly YSFY — (YBYI320016)
Smithton YSMI — (YWYY275031)
Swan Is — (YCKD167012)
Valley Field — (YMLT151015)
Waddamana YWDM — (YJCO273028)
Woodbury Gliding Club YWOD — (YMLT149036)
Woolnorth — (YSMI286019)
Woolnorth Windfarm Scenery — (YSMI288020)

For example to go to Ford Creek (YBFR154020):
1. Depart from Balfour YBFR
2. Head for 154 Magnetic
3. Fly 20 Nautical Miles

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