74: Maps – FTX NA Airports

Map for all airports from FSAddon’s Tongass Fjords (TFJ); Orbx’s Pacific Northwest (PNW), Pacific Fjords (PFJ), Central Rockies (CRM) and Northern Rockies (NRM) have been uploaded.

Right Click to copy the following URL and add it to Network Link in Google Earth, and to get realtime changes when available.   It saves space on HD, too.


It is using the same structural approach as in the Landmark map for these 5 regions.

  • STAGE 5 – Aug-15
    Remaining airports from Idaho (ID), Montana (MT), Oregon (OR), Washington (WA) and Wyoming (WY).
  • STAGE 4 – Aug-14
    Airports of Alaska (AK), British Columbia (BC) and Alberta (AB) included.
  • STAGE 3 – Aug-13
    Enhanced Detail Airports from Orbx and FSAddon, and Unlisted Airports.
  • STAGE 2 – Aug-11
  • STAGE 1 – Aug-10
    Consists of all seaplane bases, both listed and unlisted.

The next map project will be Orbx’s Australia.  Look forward to starting in a couple of weeks.

4 thoughts on “74: Maps – FTX NA Airports

  1. Hi there,
    First of all great job on compiling these maps! Just wondering if you could check the download link for FTX NA airports. Seem to be down unfortunately. Cheers.


  2. Are there any proper maps to accompany the FTX scenery. The ones provided
    are all completely blurred and incomprehensible.
    Just wondering. If a company is producing detailed scenery,
    then, why not provide appropriate maps ?????


    1. Hi Paul,
      The data file I provide is for Google Map. It is customized according to my preference and contains different layers from which one can choose what to display.
      If the image is blurred, please check your Google Map settings.
      FTX provides its own set of Google Map file which is using a different structure than mine. You should be able to get it from its forum.


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