73: fsx.CFG – Vertical Sync

When vertical synchronization (refresh) of display is not set properly, it is very likely that some sorts of screen-shearing problem will be introduced in FSX.

This screen-shearing issue can be easily identified when the view is turning to the left or turning to the right quickly, especially in the virtual cockpit view.  It seems that the upper half or the lower half of the screen is lagging behind to the other.

Although the setting of display cards comes with an option to allow Vertical Sync (nVidia) or Wait for Vertical Refresh (AMD) to keep in the “ON” position all the time, adding the following command line under [GRAPHICS] section in fsx.CFG renders a more stable and promising result to this issue:


When using this tweak,

  • Remember to set Vertical Sync/Refresh in display setting to “Off” or “Off, unless application specifies”
  • Also, ensure to use Triple Buffering to improve framerate when enabling vertical sync.

2 thoughts on “73: fsx.CFG – Vertical Sync

  1. hugely helpful and fixed my problem… and ended a three hour search for the cure! Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to post the solution. Thanks!! Works perfectly now.


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