69: My Best FSX Setup (2011-0808)

Due to the latest changes I made in the AMD Radeon 11.7 setting, my fsx.CFG has realized a significant modification by removing the AffinityMask entry completely.

This means that all 4 cores of my i7 CPU are now available to FSX, rather than just limited to 2 cores through the AffinityMask=13 command as set before.

Corresponding changes are also made in the PoolSize entry, where Orbx’s NA and Australia regions are best performed with “0” setting; and other non-Orbx areas are best with “100,000,000” or “150,000,000” settings.

So far, the result is positive with noticeably shorter loading time and a little bit improved performance, even though further finetuning to each region is required in order to get rid of some occasional micro-stutters.

My system hardware remains unchanged since last update.  Click image below to see my fsx.CFG table:

Performance gain is resulted after AffinityMask is removed

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