63: Moving Map Fun on iPad

Recently added FSWidgets iGMapHD for iPad to my system.

It is far from being a perfect product and has the problems of:

  • slow reflesh rate of maps and tracks
  • incomplete airport and terrain data

However, it adds a lot of fun to my flightsim experience without a real multi-monitor system.  It is very easy to setup.  And it doesn’t like Air Display, it won’t impact FSX performance at all.

I also tried the same product on Mac platform.  It is more responsive than the iPad version due to hardware and wired network connection.  It is slightly better than the iPad version but its price is US$30 more expensive, is not justified.   (Edit: The last line was edited out because the comment posted by Fermin of FSWidgets regarding the development of the product is well justified.  Truly appreciate the endeavours and efforts FSWidget team puts onto this product.  As I said, I got great fun from it. That’s no doubt about it.)

=== Update ===

A week ago, I replaced my four-years old Linksys WRT-350N router with ZyXEL NBG-460N.   The NBG-460N was claimed to be one of the fastest routers in its category many months ago.

Indeed, its performance was good compared to the WRT-350N.  However, the router acted strangely in many ways, such as updating my DDNS in every 30 mins.

Worse still, the connection between the FSX and iGMapHD was almost certain breaking up in any flight session running for about 5 to 10 mins.  With the help from Fermin of FSWidgets, it was no doubt that the NBG-460N was the culprit.  I had no choice but to buy a new one.

I am now using the Linksys E4200.  Many reviews report that it is one of the fastest wireless router available so far.  It truly is.

I am confident to say that the loading of maps and tracks on iGMapHD is at least two to three times faster on my iPad now.  Performance is way above WRT-350N and NBG-460N can offer.

Fermin of FSWidgets was glad to hear my result and said, “I hope that also fixes the lag issue you mention” in this post.

Surely it does but the E4200 is very expensive.  I was struggling for two days whether to buy it.  The scenario of my current iGMapHD connection is more like packing a jet engine into a Cessna 172.


9 thoughts on “63: Moving Map Fun on iPad

  1. Hi Tom,

    I don’t know if this is the correct post for my problem, but i’m using plan g v3 on a second monitor (same pc) and it doesn’t load my saved kmz-files (i can only see the google earth markers). The files are stored in the plan g files, as suggested in the user manual. When i open them straight from the file, it opens google earth as it is supposed to. Did you ever encounter that problem?

    Thank you,




  2. I have the Android version and I love it. Daughter stole my Ipad so I use the Andriod Tablet. No problem as it works fine.



  3. Following is a note from Hans who reported some problem using the app with iPad2. Here’s how he solved it:
    Had some apps response problems with my iPad2 but once I had added DNS
    IPaddress of my ISP (or any other “outside” DNS address) in network setting
    on iPad things run nicely.


  4. No worries Tom, thanks for understanding.

    It’s true we are spoiled but then again if one can sell 300,000 copies in the first week (as a recent fart app did) then 99 cents is a reasonable price for something that holds one’s interest for just a few days before it becomes mind-numbing.

    In reality there are two app stores, the 99 cent flash-in-the-pan game market, and the more sustainable low volume market that makes special interest apps. No prizes for guessing which one our little cottage industry of flight simulation addons is in. :)

    Thanks for having purchased the app in the first place and be assured I appreciate your article and feedback including any areas where it can be improved on.


    1. Without the passion, it’s hard to keep developing new addons for the small circle of FSX. Look forward to better iGMapHD for iPad and other platforms from FSWidgets.


  5. Hi Tom, thanks for your feedback on iGMapHD. I can assure you the price of the iPad edition is the one that is not justified. The Mac edition reflects the real price of bringing a specialized app into a such niche market. The iPad app pricing reflects the distorted expectation of lower than usual pricing for a “mobile” app. I can assure you we are offering them both at the lowest possible price that does not drive us into bankruptcy given the low volume market that is the FS/X-Plane world.


    1. Hi Fermin, fair enough to say that regarding the development of your product. I totally forgot except giving my comment from a pure user point of view. We users are spoiled by Apple’s $0.99 apps, indeed.
      I’ve removed my last line regarding the price. Apology and keep up the good work. As I said, I do have great fun from iGMapHD.


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