55: Redefine Virtual Cockpit Zoom Level

I mostly fly with Cessna and I want the virtual cockpit to initiate with a zoom level of 0.6 when a session starts.  There are two options to achieve that:

OPTION 1:  Save a New Default Flight

1) Start a flight with Cessna

2) Adjust the zoom level to 0.6 inside the virtual cockpit with “=” or “-” keys

3)  Save the flight as the new default flight

OPTION 2:  Modify the Default Startup Flight

1) Open the default flight “FLTSIM.FLT” (or the earlier saved default flight) with Notepad

2) Look for Cameras with Guid = {C95EAB58-9E4A-4E2A-A34C-D8D9D948F078}

Note: This Guid number is assigned to Virtual Cockpit in FSX

3) Change the Zoom value to 0.6

Both Option 1 and Option 2 can easily set the zoom level of virtual cockpit to one needs.  However, the zoom level is likely to be changed when the aircraft (Cessna in this case) is swapped.

To ensure the zoom level of Cessna remains unaltered, additional steps below are necessary:

4) Open aircraft.cfg of Cessna with Notepad (\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\C172)

5) Look for the two CameraDefinitions with Title=Virtual Cockpit and Title=Right Seat

Note: If the needed titles of CameraDefinitions cannot be found, look for CamerDefinitions with Guid = {C95EAB58-9E4A-4E2A-A34C-D8D9D948F078} instead

6) Under both CameraDefinitions, change the value of InitialZoom=0.6

Besides the zoom level, eye positions (or Eyepoint) inside the cockpit can be fixed as well through the same aircraft.cfg.

7) Under the same CameraDefinitions, change XyzAdjust=TRUE

8) Set value of InitialXyz to:

InitialXyz=0, -0.001, 0.15    (for Virtual Cockpit)

InitialXyz=0.5, -0.001, 0.15 (for Right Seat)

Note 1: IntialXyz defines the eye positon in the cockpit.

Note 2: If it cannot be found, add the line required under each CameraDefinition

Save the file when adjustment is done.  The Cessna will now start with a zoom level of 0.6 and remain at the exact eye positions on both sides of the seat whenever a flight session is started.

Virtually any aircraft can be set in this way for the zoom level and the eye position of one desires.

P.S. The keyboard commands for Eyepoint movements are as follows:

Eyepoint (move back)         CTRL+ENTER
Eyepoint (move forward)   CTRL+BACKSpace
Eyepoint (move up)             SHITT+ENTER
Eyepoint (move down)       SHIFT+BACKSpace
Eyepoint (move right)         CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER
Eyepoint (move left)            CTRL+SHIFT+BACKSpace

Each keyboard click is equal to 0.005 in InitialXyz value.

8 thoughts on “55: Redefine Virtual Cockpit Zoom Level

  1. Thank You, guys.
    This is what i was looking for. Really useful option.
    I’m flying PMDG 737-900 usually and zoom for default view was to big. Now i’m going change this to more comfortable value


      1. Glad you find my posts useful. The utility you mentioned is a good one but many times you won’t know what’ve been changed by it. My approach is to make every change under control. Tom


  2. Hi Tom,
    Fanatastic website. Question: Is there a way to adjust the brightness of individual FIP’s? I have 10 panels and some are too bright.


    1. Hi Doug,
      Unfortunately no. My two newly added FIPs have the same problem. They are much brighter than the old ones.
      Actually, after days of purchase, one of my new FIP’s screen got burned (leaving some traces of the pn# image at the bottom of the screen permanently) after I left them on for a few hours without using it. The marks are barely noticeable but now I will switch the FIPs off immediately after use to avoid further burning.
      Maybe I should consider putting back some images so that they serve to be some kind of a screen saver to avoid burning.


  3. The easiest way to edit the default zoom for virtual cockpit camera is to edit the Start.flt file from Flightsim X Files as folows:

    Translation=0, 0.07, 0
    Rotation=0, 0, 0

    where zoom is 0.3 instead of 0.69 (default zoom) and for moving the vertical view point you need to modify the translation line from 0, 0, 0 to 0, 0.07, 0 (ex: Cessna c208).

    Hope this is usefull for you guys.


    1. Thank You Gelu,

      Your suggestion is more or less the same as I described in Option 1 and Option 2. You simplified it. Thank you.

      However, just as my post pointed out: The zoom level is only valid when you stay with the aircraft and don’t change it.

      For instance, you defined your C208 to load with a zoom level of 2 in the start.flt (the default startup flight). If you change your plane from C208 to C170 and then back to C208 again. The zoom level will no longer be 2 but the one defined in C208’s aircraft.cfg — unless you changed the zoom level in the cfg file as well — requiring extra steps.

      The extra steps described in my post are to ensure that whenever the C208 (or any other plane) is called up, no matter it’s been swapped or not, the zoom is always at the level of what I needed (defined).

      Thanks anyway.



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