53: Configuration Fits for ALL #6 – The Missing Part

Once FSX is divided into flying zones, Missions can be categorized and automatically loaded as well.  There are two options available:

Option 1:

Add a prefix to all missions using the method of Renaming Missions posted earlier, so as to differentiate which flying zones where missions are belonging to.

For example, add the prefix of “EU-” to all missions taken place in Europe, “AS-” for Asia, “CS-” for Central and South America, etc.

Option 2:

It is similar to how scenery.CFG are categorized into groups.  Steps are straightforward but a few things should be noted.  Also, remember to backup before proceeding.

Create the corresponding Mission Folders.  They can be named according to the picture shown.

Categorize missions and move them to corresponding Mission Folders.

In each Mission Folder, create a blank text file using the same filename of the Folder.

NOTE: This text file is necessary for the BASIC utility to identify the current flying zone, so as to activate the correct Mission Folder.

Once Missions are all categorized and grouped, delete the original empty “Missions” folder from FSX.

According to the current flying zone, rename the corresponding Mission Folder (for example, Missions-AS) as “Missions”.  Now the “Missions” folder required by FSX contains only the missions taken place in the flying zone.

NOTE: This manual step is necessary in order to cope with the changes made in the BASIC utilities.

Insert the following lines into all BASIC utilities that loads different flying zones.  Once done, the correct Missions folder will be used according to the flying zone selected.


  • Drive location of FSX may be different
  • The part highlighted in PINK color must be changed accordingly, i.e. AS for Asia flying zone, NA for North America flying zone, etc.

As always, contact me if anyone is intereted to get the updated BASIC set for all my eight flying zones.


5 thoughts on “53: Configuration Fits for ALL #6 – The Missing Part

  1. Hello Tom I have just seen that you had problems to send me files. Can be that by naming files .txt it will walk. You can say to me if your files (SCENERY.CFG – Standard. XML – Fsx. CFG, etc.) is put in the file FLIGHT SIMULATOR X ? I made a try by writing a batch file, and I begin to understand how’s that walking ! Thank you very much for your lights and without your example I shall not have been able to understand how to make ! Kind regards, Marc Roujansky


    1. Hi Marc, Just compressed the two text files and re-sent to you again. Hope this time gets through. Regional scenery files are stored under the same directory as the default scenery.CFG. It is in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX I put all my batch files in this directory.
      Regarding regional modified fsx.CFG and XML, I put them in the same directory as the default one, ie. C:\Users\Tom\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX
      Hope above information help.


  2. Hello,

    I shall be grateful to you if you could make me share your work by making me copy of the Batch file. I thank you for your passion for making share your work in these articles. Thank you very much. Marc Roujansky


    1. Hi Marc, Got your email and tried to send you the file you requested. Permanent error from your mailbox. Please check if your mailbox is full if you don’t receive my files shortly.

      Anyway, I put my reply to you here:
      BASIC *.bat file cannot be opened by just double clicking on it. You have to right click your mouse and use the “edit” command to view the content of it.
      Or you can start up Notepad or MS Word first, then open the file from Notepad or MS Word.
      Another way of editing the file is renaming it into *.bat.txt first. Then you can open it with Notepad without the fear of running it accidentally.
      But remember to rename the filename back to *.bat after editing. Otherwise, it won’t run.


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