46: Alternative to fsx.CFG

Even using the Flying Zone Approach described in previous posts to configure the FSX system, it still provides general-purpose optimum settings only.

While flying around specific airports or areas, one may further need to fine-tune values of Target Frame Rate, Terrain and Water, Autogen Density, Traffic, etc.

Although this could be achieved via SETTINGS option in FSX, the SETTINGS option will simultaneoulsy revert TEXTURE_MAX_LOAD, TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT and LOD_RADIUS back to their default values of 1024, 40 and 4.5 respectively.

There seems to be no apparent option available but to quit FSX and change them back to your desire value via fsx.CFG.   However, this is silly since the fine-tuning objective is to make changes during a flightsim session.

The solution is as follows:

Start FSX and go to SETTINGS.   Then click Save… in the menu.

When you open the saved file with Notepad, you will find something similar to the following:

You can edit the values of specific items in the file and save the file in different names, such as Maximum_LodRadius,cfg, FullGA_Density.cfg, or Concrete_3W5.cfg — whatever makes sense.

Although there are still a number of tweaks that can only be changed and made possible by editing the fsx.CFG, you can now easily load any pre-saved FSX configuration of your choice during a flightsim session through the Options/Settings/Loads in the menu without the fear of affecting Texture Load, Texture Bandwidth and Lod Radius.


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