45: Configuration Fits for ALL #5 – Back to BASIC

With all the files prepared from previous steps, here’s the BASIC programming part to load corresponding files automatically when a flying zone is selected.


X:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Autogen

Followings are details of BASIC routines for AUSTRALIA and ASIA regions.


Contact me if anyone is interested to get the full BASIC set of all my eight flying zones.


29 thoughts on “45: Configuration Fits for ALL #5 – Back to BASIC

  1. Evening Again Tom,

    Like many others, I’m finding your Blog(s) very interesting and informative.

    I would appreciate your sending me the eight zones Basic files please.



  2. Tom thanks heaps for your reply. I don’t fly much outside of Australia and NZ and only have the Fly Tampa sceneries and ORBX and also REX. The maximum resolution on my 32inch TV LCD screen is 1920 x 1080 however my card only can recommends resolution being 1360×768. Just one last question? When installing UTX sceneries or Aerosoft sceneries, do i need to go to FTX central and change it to default fsx first? Many thanks for your advice?


    1. Hi George, 1920 x 1080 seems to be supported by your card. I googled and the following may help: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/300584-33-radeon-hd5570-1920×1080 You could further google for similar solutions.
      For Aerosoft addons, definitely should change FTX Central to Default first.
      For UTX, it’s better to install it before Orbx products. If it is not possible, install it when FTX Central is set to Default. Then check your scenery.CFG to ensure that all UTX items are in lower positions than Orbx products. For example, my UTX items spread from Area 111 to 135. The first Orbx product starts from Area 138.
      If you are mainly flying within Australia and NZ, UTX should have not much value to you.


  3. Tom its George. Hope all is well in the summing world. Just wanted to ask when your flight zones program will be completed. Also I was hoping you can look at my current CFG file and see if there can be an improvement to frames. I have a QCore i5 2gig ram, 32inch HD scene LCD; 1TB hard-drive; ATI5570 radeon card, Windows7. What I am experiencing is when I am flying into ORBX regions say Canberra, Melbourne or Brisbane I get bad frames of around 9-15fps and very blurred textures until from around 5000-3000ft ASL and then it sharpens when I am close to the wry threshold. IO don’t have any issues flying in the NZSI FTX region and default FSX sceneries. I have subscribed to your blog however not sure however I keep getting re-directed to Worldpress. Are you able to provide some expert opinion on my settings for this card and if possible a cfg file whereby i can use as a starting point which will suite my current graphics card and PC. I have my frame rates set to unlimited and use external limiter which is set to 30fps.


    1. Hi George, regarding the flight zone program, I have basically finished and am now using it for my system. However, I am still trying to figure out how to generalize it cause there are too many customization involved. I am a bit hesitated about the launching of it these days. Anyway, will keep working on it.
      For your question about Orbx’s large airports issue with your current hardware, I think lowering the autogen, scenery complexity and other settings seem to be the only solution because these airports are so hardware demanding, especially you are using a 32-inch monitor (don’t know your resolution, higher resolution=lower performance) with a mid-end 5570 card.
      You could also try to overclock your CPU and graphic card a bit. It helps, too.
      Frankly, should you want to really improve the performance of FSX in these areas, hardware upgrade is necessary.
      I tried putting your email to the subscription box. Hope you will get the confirmation email from WordPress, NOT WORLDPRESS, soon.


  4. Hi Tom
    George from Fiji again. Do we create our own scenery CFG file for each eight zones? An for each zone we wanna fly in….do we just swap the scenery.cfg and fsx.cfg around?? ie fsx-AU.cfg is changed to fsx,cfg..vice versa


    1. Hi George, you don’t have to follow exactly of what I did. Just create a few areas according to your needs.
      Regarding scenery.cfg, you can easily customize your own based on the areas you created. Same to fsx.cfg.
      Be careful about the dll.xml, if you intend to separate flying zones for Orbx NA, AU and FSX default, you may need to create three dll.xmls for each of them accordingly because Orbx NA and AU will install different object flow dlls, and thesee dlls are not required by FSX default.
      For autogens, you should be extremely careful as Orbx NA, AU and FSX default are using different autogen files. Luckily, the FTXCentral will do the changes for you. But still, pay a bit more attention to it won’t hurt.
      In order to find out the differences before you try my (or your newly created) files, run FSX default, NA and AU one by one and take notes about the differences I mentioned above.
      In addition, you should make a backup of them first. Then you can try to start separating the flying areas.
      Advise you to create just one first, instead of a few in the beginning. Once you know how to make the first one working probably, other additional areas are just more or less copy and paste and some minor changes.
      After you successfully create your own zones, you will find out many advantages that it brings to your system.
      Have fun with it. Tom


  5. Hello Tom,
    I found your site and I found a lot of interesting thinks to do to improve my fsx. I’d like to receive your Basic set to start to resolve my big problem to load.


  6. Hi Tom

    I found your website while searching for info on mods for FSX and I must say it is very informative. I too would like the basic set if you would not mind.




    1. Hi Stan,
      No problem. The BASIC set is on its way to your mailbox.
      But note that the *.cfg files were from June. Please refer to my recent posts for changes made. Also, you need to change it according to your setup.
      Do subscribe my blog if you want to be alerted when new posts and updates are available.


  7. cześć

    Czytam te posty , sporo się nauczyłem ale czy jesteś w stanie mi powiedzieć co zdrobić abym miał tylko samoloty AI w obrębie 100nm? po co mają mi latać inne po świecie. A następnie statki i łodzie w okolicach 50nm?

    I poproszę o pełny zestaw.


  8. Hi. Tom
    I started reading your posts one by one(starting Aug-15-2010), and I learned so much from you! (more than any other FS oriented site)
    Can I also get the full full BASIC set?


      1. Hi, tried to send you the file but your mailbox responsed with an error. The file is quite small. Maybe it’s due to your anti-spam setting, etc. Please correct and let me know.


  9. Tom, this is a very clever approach ! I did something alike years ago for FS) but without a routine. Now I am in FSX and would like to apply your tips. Please send me the full BASIC set of your 8 flying zones.

    It seems that you are very familiar with the internal processes in FS so I would like to post you a question that I never got answered clearly: I have a lot of AI aircraft and liveries. As AI can reduce FPS heavily which files are loaded in FSX? All aircraft in the respective simobjects folder regardless if they are used in the area I am flying ? or only those within a certain range of my flying zone ?

    Thanks a lot


    1. Hi Peter,
      So glad to hear that I am not alone using the flying zone approach. The BASIC set has been sent to you by email.
      Third-party aircrafts can be controlled through fsx.CFG under [Trusted] section. Once you have different fsx.CFG corresponding to different flying zones, it means that you have extra flexibility to control which aircrafts you want to load in different zones.
      For AI, they are in general added to your system while an airport or scenery is installed. They will be called up ONLY when the airport or scenery is in use.
      With the flying zone approach, you will have different Scenery.cfg. In other words, only those AI come with corresponding sceneries defined in the scenery library will be loaded, which minimizes their impacts on FPS.
      Once AI are installed, you can remove them from the SimObjects folder — by deleting the files or renaming AI’s panel.cfg — if you want to. See my post “Disable Unwanted Airplanes”.
      Using the dummy FSX approach described in my earliest post — The Safest Way to Intall Addons, you gain the opportunity to see all the content, including AI, before they are added to your system. You can then decide whether to include them or not; and know what they are in case you want to get rid of them partially or completely.
      You may use this approach to “reinstall” an addon again so as to find out the exact AI you want to get rid of.
      Hope above information (also sent to you by email) answers your questions.


  10. Hello,

    Please could you send me the full BASIC set of your 8 flying zones ?
    I hope it will reduce FSX loading up time and maybe improve performance.
    Thank you very much for making this solution available.




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