43: Configuration Fits for ALL #3 – scenery.CFG

The more addons we install, the longer time FSX takes to load up a sim flight.  Deactivating sceneries from the Scenery Library won’t shorten load-up time as long as they remain in the Library.  The only solution is to remove them from the library completely.

Followings are scenery.CFG files modified for flying zones mentioned in Configuration Fits for ALL #2.  The matching scenery will be loaded via the BASIC program when a flying zone is selected.

The overall concept is to ONLY place those addons related to a particular flying zone in the scenery.CFG.  All unrelated areas will be removed, including those from FSX default.

For example, in the AS-Scenery.cfg which is modified for Asia regions, Edwards_AFB, Berlin, Longleat, Istanbul, Reno, Las Vegas, Rio de Janeiro, St. Maaren, South America, Western North America, Eastern North America, Central North America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Africa are all removed so that FSX can be run as slim as possible.  Same principle applies to other areas.

Orbx includes both AU and NA regions in the Scenery Library even though either one must be chosen and activated via FTX Central.  This approach removes unnecessary AU or NA files accordingly.

Click icons to check my sceneries installed for specific flying zones:




Will discuss fsx.CFG in next post before ending this series with the BASIC program.


5 thoughts on “43: Configuration Fits for ALL #3 – scenery.CFG

  1. Thank you very much! Your explanation is very clear. I believe that I am going to be able to make my file bat. I have already experimented several modes which worked ! Marc


    1. Glad to hear that. Once you start using the flying region approach, you will find many benefits associated with it, such as you always have a backup of your scenery.cfg and fsx.cfg, etc.
      Good luck.


  2. Hello Tom

    In your Switch Scenery.bat, there are
    copy Scenery-EU.CFG Scenery.CFG /n
    start notepad.exe Scenery.CFG

    Can you say to me that it in notepad.exe Scenery.CFG ? Can you send me the text of the file notepad.exe Scenery.CFG ? And how be made a notepad.exe ? Thank you very much for your amability. Marc Roujansky


    1. Hi Marc,
      The lines read like this:

      copy Scenery-EU.CFG Scenery.CFG /n

      — When FSX is run, it will load the scenery according to the Scenery.CFG file
      — Therefore, when you switch a region (example here is Europe), you will need a proper Scenery.CFG file that contains the scenery of that region only (Europe here)
      — This command line copies the Scenery-EU.CFG file (you custom-made earlier for Europe) to Scenery.CFG file
      — So now the Scenery.CFG file contains only the scenery relevant to Europe when FSX is run
      — This replacement step is necessary and applies to all other regions you set up.

      start notepad.exe Scenery.CFG

      — This command line will instruct the computer to use notepad.exe (the utility comes with Windows) to open the newly replaced Scenery.CFG file
      — I included this step
      — So that I can check if the new Scenery.CFG (with Europe scenery) is correctly in place
      — and ensure that everything is okay before moving on to the next step
      — This is purely for checking purpose. You can delete the line if you don’t want it

      Note that there are similar command lines in the Switch Scenery.bat regarding fsx.CFG replacement. It serves the same checking purpose.

      copy fsx-EU.CFG fsx.CFG
      start notepad.exe fsx.CFG <—- this line is to check if the fsx.CFG is correctly replaced

      Hope above answers your questions



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