42: Configuration Fits for ALL #2 – The Files

The more addons we install, the longer time FSX is needed to load up, no matter if SSDs or 1,000rpm HDDs are used.   My system has nearly 400GB of third-party sceneries, not to mention additional aircrafts.   FSX load-up time, imaginable, is intolerably long.  Deactivating sceneries through Scenery Library under Setting will not help.

The main purpose of this flying zone approach is to trim down FSX system size and speed up loading and execution performance, without deleting any addons.  At present, I splitted my system into 8 Flying zones according to specific Landclass and Scenery installed.  They are:

America North
America Central+South
Africa+Mediterranean Island
Europe West
Europe East
New Zealand
United Kingdom

As mentioned in Configuration Fits for ALL #1, a BASIC program was written to automatically load up corresponding configuration files related to specific flying zones.  Followings are the six configuration files in concern.

Under C:Users<user name>AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX

2) fsx.CFG

Under C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX

3) Scenery.CFG

Under X:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Autogen

4)  AutogenDescriptions.spb
5)  default.xml
6)  RoofDescriptions.spb

DLL.XML controls additional modules.  Currently I created three different files for all flying zones.

DLL-Default.XML – FSDiscover, FSUIPC4 and VistaMare Core for default and Aerosoft airports
DLL-AU.XML – FSDiscover, FSUIPC4 and Orbx’s ObjectFlow modules for AU airports
DLL-NA.XML – FSDiscover, FSUIPC4 and Orbx’s ObjectFlow modules for NA airports

DLL and fsx.CFG

When switching, DLL.XML will be overwritten by the correct file.  This will be shown in subsequent posts regarding the BASIC program.

fsx.CFG will be further discussed in Part 4.

Scenery.CFG will be discussed in Part 3.

4, 5, 6)
Orbx AU and NA sceneries come with their own set of modified AutogenDescriptions.spb, default.xml and RoofDescriptions.spb.  They could be found under

X:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\ScriptsCustom.au
X:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\ORBX\ScriptsCustom.na

In general, these files are switched automatically according to the scenery region selected under FTX Central.  However, I have created a reference set and put it under the same Autogen folder so that I can cross check if these files are properly loaded.   This is important especially when new AU and NA sceneries are installed.  They are:


Due to file format, we cannot do anything to AutogenDescriptions.spb and RoofDescriptions.spb.  However, we can still tweak the default.xml a bit to gain some improvements.   It will be discussed in future posts.

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