41: Configuration Fits for ALL #1 – The Concept

I usually flightsim only in areas with third-party sceneries installed.  FSX, however, performs vastly different due to scenery’s complexity and technology used.

Like many others, I’ve been searching for and experimenting tweaks and suggestions, aiming to get the best FSX result.

Unfortunately, One Setting that Fits for All simply doesn’t exist.    My Best FSX Setup may not apply to others at all, for example.

Inspired by Orbx’s FTX scenery approach, I started reconfiguring my FSX system into different flying zones about a year ago.  Tweaks and settings, therefore, are specifically customized to target the best result for a particular scenery or flying zone under the same hardware setup.

Nevertheless, the concept is pretty simple:

As the diagram shown above, files related to specific scenery are automatically loaded before starting FSX via a self-written BASIC program.  The process is similar to using Orbx’s FTX Central to switching between the company’s Australia and North America sceneries.

Surely, it will cause inconvenience when simming across different zones, which requires additional planning to address the need.    The effort is quite worthwhile for the performance gained in return.

Will continue the story in subsequent posts.

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