38: My Ultimate Cockpit Views

Aircrafts in FSX comes with many views (or cameras) and they are set with different zoom levels.  They are quite troublesome since I only want three of them to view from cockpit:

  1. View from the pilot seat on the left
  2. View from the passenger seat on the right
  3. View from the cockipt without panels

Moreover, I need these views to start with the same zoom level and/or eye position, so that the scenery in front stays unchanged when views are cycled through.

Always start with the same zoom level and keep scenery background remain in position

Above is the cockpit view effect I achieved on the Cessna 172 through the tweaks of 55: Redefine Virtual Cockpit Zoom Level, 26: Remove Unwanted Views and 36: Add New Views posted earlier.   The Cessna 172 is set to start with a zoom level of 0.6, and the 2D cockpit view is disabled.  All other planes are modified similarly for the combination views desired.

8 thoughts on “38: My Ultimate Cockpit Views

    1. Hi Dirt, glad that it helps.
      BTW, your fsxdb is excellent. I noticed it for awhile and have planned to write a short post about it. But sorry that I didn’t realize you are the developer. Nice to meet you.


      1. No Prob… Well I been having health issue so have not worked on some enhancements I have been wanting to make. I should be able to get those in in next few weeks so when done maybe you can visit and write a post then. That would be nice. BTW how long has this site been up?


      2. Yes, let me know when the enhancements are done.
        For my site, it’s going to be 3 years old in August. I basically started building this site as a place where I stored information for my own reference. After more and more people visiting, it has been transformed in the way as you see it now.
        But lately, I really want to put more time on rebuilding my PC and cockpit, also play more myself as well. But I’ll keep putting up things I come across may be beneficial to other flightsimmers.
        Take care and good health.


      3. I will mod my home page at FSXDB.com and add your site link and blurb. Currently getting ruffly 10,000 visits/month with a 70% return rate. Email me a short description of your site to entice visitors to check you out. Hope it will increase your readership.


      4. Thank you for the link. But frankly, whether increasing readership or not doesn’t matter me as this site is still basically a “personal storage” for myself. Without doing any search engine promotion, nor pushing it on Facebook, Twitter, etc, I am getting average 25,000 hit rates monthly. I am quite happy with it already. Thanks again.


  1. I’m so glad I discovered your blog, I recently starting playing FSX and had no previous experience with flight sims or real life flying for that matter. Your site has been invaluable in providing tricks, tweaks, and fixes just wanted to say I appreciated your work very much, thank you.


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