37: Clean Install Display Driver

Display driver plays an important part in Flight Simulator.   How to install it or uninstall it will impact FSX’s performance and stability, especially when switching from NVIDIA to ATI or ATI to NVIDIA.

It is widely known that even after a program or a driver is uninstalled, many “tails” of it will still remain in the system.  It is therefore necessary to ensure that a display driver will only be installed or updated onto a clean environment at all time.

Following is how I update the ATI display driver from 11.3 to 11.4  

Create a System Restore Point

Download the latest Catalyst Software Suite with APP removed from AMD

Run the Software Suite and use the APP utility of the driver package to remove ALL existing ATI  software components

Note: The ATI display driver remains intact at this point.

After it’s done, reboot the system

Download and install Driver Sweeper from Phyxion.net

If Driver Sweeper is run on the system the first time, go to step 7 else go to step 8

Check all boxes of NVIDIA to remove all NVIDIA entries in the system

8 )
Check the box of AMD to remove the current ATI display driver

Note: Display resolution will now drop to the lowest level.


Run the Catalyst Software Suite

Now the display driver is installed onto a clean system


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