34: Smoke Gets in Your Plane

In FSX, only the Extra300, FA-18 and P51 aircrafts are pre-installed with an exhaust smoke system which can be activated by pressing the “I” key on the keyboard.

Customized Red and White Smoke System

To add the smoke effect to other aircrafts, insert the following lines at the end of the aircraft.cfg of your choice under SimObjects folder:

smoke.0 = -10.0,  0.0, -1.0, fx_smoke_w


-10.0 = before or after the cockpit in feet
0 = left or right position from the center of the aircraft
-1.0 = above or below the midpoint of the aircraft

fx_smoke_w = white smoke
fx_smoke_r = red smoke

Followings are what I did to the Cessna 172 to create the mixing red-white effect in the picture.

smoke.0 = -1.29,  23.77, -1.5, fx_smoke_w
smoke.1 = -1.66,  19.7,  -1.5, fx_smoke_w
smoke.2 = -1.79,  15.66, -1.5, fx_smoke_r
smoke.3 = -1.86,  11.49, -1.5, fx_smoke_w
smoke.4 = -2.37,  7.38,  -1.5, fx_smoke_w
smoke.5 = -2.56,  2.63,  -1.5, fx_smoke_r

smoke.6 = -2.63, -2.56,  -1.5, fx_smoke_r
smoke.7 = -2.43, -7.38,  -1.5, fx_smoke_w
smoke.8 = -1.92, -11.49, -1.5, fx_smoke_w
smoke.9 = -1.66, -15.59, -1.5, fx_smoke_r
smoke.10 = -1.6, -19.64, -1.5, fx_smoke_w
smoke.11 = -1.15,-23.75, -1.5, fx_smoke_w

4 thoughts on “34: Smoke Gets in Your Plane

  1. Hi Tom,
    I know this is an old post but , any idea how to increase the time the smoke stays before evaporating ? I have serched “smokesystem” but with no luck.
    Thanks in advance.


    1. Hi Dave, look for fx_smoke_r.fx and fx_smoke_w.fx files in Effects under FSX. It should be possible by modifying the values in the files even though I didn’t try it myself.


      1. Thanks Tom. Now I know where to start looking I will have a play around and let you know if I get a result.


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