30: Flight Instrument Panel Tweak – Part 3

I got three Saitek’s Pro Flight Instrument Panels.   They are good but expensive, too.  Moreover, the more of this FIP are attached to a system, the more impact of it affects FSX’s performance.

Using earlier Tweak 1 and Tweak 2,  my three Panels are setup as picture shown below, and each panel controls two related gauges:




Under this arrangement, I can simply press the up and down buttons to easily access the six basic gauges on small planes I usually fly.



  1. A powered USB hub is necessary to draw sufficient electricity to operate the panels effectively;
  2. Panels are loaded in reverse order to the USB ports inserted, i.e. the first panel will be shown on the FIP that is plugged in the lowest port number on the USB hub.
  3. Only add in the FIPs after the first scenery is loaded if the computer is just turned on.  I found fps is least affected under this start-up sequence.

10 thoughts on “30: Flight Instrument Panel Tweak – Part 3

      1. I have six of them already, configured on a second pc for best performance. I’d like to know where did you get you RPM gauge, the first under the airspeed in the picture. It’s big, the one i have is small with temp and press gauges. Thank you very much.


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