29: Flight Instrument Panel Tweak – Part 2

On each Pro Flight Instrument Panel (FIP), there are six physical buttons (S1 to S6) located on the left hand side of the LCD screen, which are predefined as:

The functions of these buttons are defined in the SaiFlightSimX.xml file under C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput directory as described in Tweak 1 (see below).

<Gauge Timeout=”100″ RootFolder=”Relative” File=”Gauges\Altimeter.xml”>
<Button Id=”1″ Name=”Map” Event=”FLIGHT_MAP”/>
<Button Id=”2″ Name=”Main Panel” Event=”PANEL_1″/>
<Button Id=”3″ Name=”Radios” Event=”PANEL_2″/>
<Button Id=”4″ Name=”GPS” Event=”PANEL_3″/>
<Button Id=”5″ Name=”Panel 4″ Event=”PANEL_4″/>
<Button Id=”6″ Name=”Panel 5″ Event=”PANEL_5″/>

Since there are six different gauges factory-built into the FIP, each FIP, in other words, can be configured to control up to 36 FSX commands by varying the button definitions;

Name=”xxxx” is the description of the FSX function associated with the button to be shown on the LCD;

Event=”xxxx” is the keyboard command of that specific FSX function defined.

The syntax of the FSX keyboard functions can be found in the Standard.XML file under C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX\Controls directory.  They must be put exactly the same as they show in the Standard.XML file.  However, button description can be named freely.

Followings are  my current button definitions for Altimeter gauge, for example:

<Gauge Timeout=”100″ RootFolder=”Relative” File=”Gauges\Altimeter.xml”>
<Button Id=”1″ Name=”Altitude” Event=”AP_ALT_HOLD“/>
<Button Id=”2″ Name=”ATC” Event=”ATC“/>
<Button Id=”3″ Name=”GPS” Event=”PANEL_3“/>
<Button Id=”4″ Name=”Flight” Event=”READOUTS_FLIGHT“/>
<Button Id=”5″ Name=”Labels” Event=”TOGGLE_AIRCRAFT_LABELS“/>
<Button Id=”6″ Name=”Kneeboard” Event=”KNEEBOARD_VIEW“/>

13 thoughts on “29: Flight Instrument Panel Tweak – Part 2

  1. Tom,
    I think I know the answer to this question but wanted to double check with you first. I have the Reality XP GPS gauges installed and with them you can program keyboard short cuts via a .INI file so that to lets say turn the GPS on or off you can assign a keyboard command of “POW=Shift=A” as an example in the INI file. I want to take Button Id=”1″ and assign it the keyboard command Shift=A. Is this possible?
    As I said I don’t think this can be done as I think the event field has to be a valid FSX command.


    1. True, the event field has to be a valid FSX command. However, you may try altering the action of the FSX command. For example, PANEL_9 activates Panel #9. If that Panel #9 = GPS screen, it may works.
      I didn’t try above and I am not sure if it works. Just a thought from what you ask and you could trying tackling your issue in this direction.
      Let me know if above works.


  2. Hallo Tom

    Is it possible to change also the two lower turn-knobs and die two arrow buttons. I would like to try to change the turn-knobs for the gps (i.e. gps_group_knot).

    Is it also possible to add the gps-screen on the FIP. It’s probably a little bit small, but I would like to try it?

    Thanks a lot


    1. Hi Thomas, I don’t think you can change the arrow buttons or put the GPS on the FIP. But you should be able to modify the turn-knobs. Let me know if you have successfully of doing so.


  3. HI

    Is it possible to disable the six Buttons on the Left side, and show a Gauge all over the Screen (without those descriptions)?
    I have now deleted all those descriptions, but I’m still not able to fill the hole screen with a Gauge.
    Can you help me out?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Roman,
      Yes, it is possible to disable the six buttons and show a gauge all over the screen.
      As you have found out, modifying the SaiFlightSimX.xml can change or disable the buttons on FIPs. It is relatively easy.
      But to have the gauge to fill up all the screen, you need to modify the gauge background and graphic files one by one under (\DirectOutput\Gauges\1024) directory. Screen size of FIP is 320×240. Then modify the xml file of each gauge (\DirectOutput\Gauges) to reposition them accordingly on FIP as you want.


      1. Hi Tom

        Thanks for your advice! I’ll try it out!
        The Position of the bmp’s in xml-File of the Gauge is noted in X=”VALUE” Y=”VALUE”.
        Can you say whats the Reference-Point of the Screen (X=0, Y=0) Left Bottom? And does it refer to the Center (geometric) of the bmp? Or an Edge of the bmp?

        Thanks a Lot!

        P.S. If you’re curious, I’m trying to do a HUD with the FIP.


    1. If you meant the font size for the buttons S1 to S6, you can’t.
      If you meant the font size for the speed panel display, you can use an image editing software to modify the respective panel image (*.bmp) under C:\Program Files (x86)\Saitek\DirectOutput\Gauges\1024


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