23: My New Gear – ASUS GTX580 Direct CU II Part 2

I’ve given up the card after using it  for 5 days.  It is hardly conceivable that such a high-end graphic card is a crap to FSX!

Indeed, it has pros:
1.  Better depth of field compared to my previous ASUS Matrix HD5870
2. Framerate is about 3 to 5% more than Matrix 5870
3. It generates less heat and relatively quieter

However, two intolerable problems with this card are:
1. Texture become incurably blurry
2. FSX crashes frequently

In the past few days, I have tried all different tweaks, including BP=0, RejectThreshold, etc, etc.  After a lot tweakings, I can manage to have it running FSX smoothly; but, blurry land texture was unpreventable and the worst thing was: FSX crashed uncontrollably.

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